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  1. Hi - I just found this site today. After taking the NCLEX today, I am a mess and needed someone to talk to. The computer stopped after 75 questions. I thought it was so hard! I am going crazy. Everyone keeps dismissing my fears. I did well in nursing school so everyone thinks I am just dramatizing here. I really thought it was awful and will be so ashamed to face everyone if I didn't pass. Did anyone fail who had 75 questions? I am under so much pressure to pass because my husband just got laid off so I am the main income right now. If I fail, I have to go back to being an aide at half the pay. AAAAAAAAAAh!
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  3. by   zacarias
    All you can do is wait!! I know it's touch waiting. I can tell you that if you shut off at 75 questions and you thought the test was hard, there is a very high likelihood that you passed! Let us know!
  4. by   nurseChristine
    Thanks Zach. I am feeling a little less stressed today. Unfortunately, I have to work tonight and I know everyone is going to ask how it went. This is torture and we only have to wait a few days. Some of my coworkers said they took 3 days to test and waited months for results. I saw another of your posts about difficulty finding a job. At our local hospital here, they start the GN program in June and any new nurse (including RNs) must take the program. I think they offer it again in January. If your local hospitals work the same, maybe that is why you haven't heard anything. One RN, who graduated in December, worked in a nursing home until the GN program started at the hospital. Have you tried surgi-centers or nursing homes? Good luck on your job search and please give me an update. I'll let you know in a few days if I passed or not. Christine
  5. by   fourbirds4me
    I'm sure you did fine Christine... I think 75 questions is a good sign. But I hear where you're coming from, I felt the same way after I took mine.

    We're thinking of you! Let us know as soon as you hear!
  6. by   Katnip
    Mine shut off at 75 and I swore I failed. I was clueless. But I passed, and so will you.
  7. by   nurseChristine
    I passed!!!! I am so excited and relieved! I called during my lunch hour today along with 2 other people. They passed too with 75 questions, so I guess it is a good sign. Thanks for the support. Now I just have to root for the others in my GN program. Well, I am off to call my family with the news. I'll be back. This is a great board!
  8. by   zacarias
    Congratulations Christine!! I figured you passed being that you thought it was hard and you shut off at 75!
  9. by   camkib
    Congratulations Nurse Christine!!!

    I'm very happy for you!
  10. by   fourbirds4me
  11. by   renerian
    Congrats! renerian
  12. by   Katnip
    I told you so! Grats!!!!
  13. by   nurseChristine
    Yes you did Cyberkat and boy am I glad you were right!
  14. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by nursechristine
    i passed!!!! i am so excited and relieved! i called during my lunch hour today along with 2 other people. they passed too with 75 questions, so i guess it is a good sign. thanks for the support. now i just have to root for the others in my gn program. well, i am off to call my family with the news. i'll be back. this is a great board!