STNA to LPN...good idea to stay at same facility??

  1. I have been working at my ltc facility for 3 years now with pretty much the same staff since i have started.....i really want to work there as an lpn (i am comfortable there) but i am afraid it would be weird going from stna to lpn and having the same co-workers.....PLEASE help!!! any suggestions would greatly be appreciated
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  3. by   christvs
    I think it could work or not, depending on the place & how you feel also. I worked where I am first as a nursing assistant for 2.5 years, then did my student nurse clinical internship here, and now I've been here since July working as an RN. I did feel a bit strange at first cuz the other nurses were calling me "the student" at first when I was a new RN (especially the preceptor I had during school! ) but I think it helped that I always worked 7-3 and now I switched to the 3-11 shift. So although some people knew me, not everyone did...that helped. But you know what? I love working at the same hospital I've been at for so long cuz I'm comfortable being there. It feels like a second home to me-so that makes life so much easier when you're a new nurse! Good luck to you in deciding.