So I got on my state's bon website... - page 2

and it had me listed as a registered nurse with my license # and my verification date 2-19....but when I tried to look it up on the vue site, it said my results weren't ready. hmmm... Read More

  1. by   obnurse2004

    Yes I do have a job. I work at Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. My orientation is going very well, but it can be overwhelming at times. What about you, do you have a job yet?
  2. by   treddrn
    Pcat.....great job!!!
  3. by   icureu
    Pcat you can shout now that you are an RN Congrats
  4. by   orchid
    Quote from pcat
    Thanks everyone!

    orchid- I went to the section where you look up if a person has an active license or not. I had to pay a dollar and put my social secruity number in and it came up with my license number and when it expires. I tried to find florida's site so I could help you out but I couldn't find it. =/

    obnurse2004- the wait was very hard, wasn't it? Good luck to you as well. Do you have a job yet?
    No not yet....have been concentrating on the NCLEX thats my next step...checking Doctors and Sarasota memorial....the anxiety before is awful and the wait after is going to be just as bad or worse...oh well...will keep you posted
  5. by   pcat
    I will be rotating between icu and ccu.
  6. by   pcat
    Oh and thanks for the congrats, icureu and treddrn!
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