Shadowing as part of the interview process???

  1. Anyone do this? Both interviews I had this week went well. One manager pretty much said that I had the job as long as I enjoy my shadowing experience. She said to call in the morning the next day and let her know if this is what I really want to do, so she could 'get the process started'.

    I also have another shadowing (well, two for this unit--1 on night and 1 on day shift) experience scheduled for another hospital. I can't read the managers, but I think I responded well in the interview. They seemed to like and agree with my responses, but they kept saying how they were interviewing a lot of people, didn't want to hire just anyone, and were being very picky. This is the position that I want the most--it's my dream position actually.

    Has anyone done shadowing experiences before as part of the interview/application process? Is it simply just to see if we like the unit or not? Or is there more to it that I should be prepared for?

    They wouldn't waste their times having me shadow, if I wasn't a good candidate still right?
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  3. by   NeosynephRN
    Around here they do not have you shadow unless they are pretty serious about hiring you!!! So I would take that as a good sign...use your time there to ask lots of questions and see what the nurses that are in the "trenches" say about the floor!!!
  4. by   pixiepie

    Thanks, I'm glad to hear that. I'm heading out to one of my shadowing experiences right now.
  5. by   cardiac.cure03
    In my area, I've never heard of having to shadow for any interviews.

    But good luck to ya, and best wishes!
  6. by   wingles012204
    I shadowed at 2 places last week and was offered a position at both. I don't think they would invest the time if there was not an interest.
    good luck:spin:
  7. by   pixiepie
    Thank you, Adidas and Wingles.

    Last night went pretty well, I think. I think I will most likely stick with night shift and I love the unit I was observing on--Med/Surg, Tele, AND Oncology! There is no chance of getting bored on a floor like that. If I could have described my perfect floor, that'd be it. I was a great nurse, who loved answering my questions. If the rest of the nurses there are like her, then I know I'd be happy there.

    I just wish the managers there were more straight forward. They said 'they're interviewing many people, they'll have to talk with each other (day manager and night manager; also doing another shadowing there on days), and see what they have available... I figure they can't be wasting their time or my time, by having me come back for another 5 hour shadowing...

    So one more shadowing on this floor that I love on day shift, and then another shadowing at another hospital on night shift (both the same day)...
  8. by   DCJ3
    I interviewed at 2 places and 1 of them had me shadow their unit to see if it was what I liked...I ended up getting the job at both places but chose the unit I shadowed.
  9. by   Annointed_RNStudent
    I am one that has had a bad experience with shadowing, I shadowed at a facility once in which I know I did well on interview, and the nurse asked me a religious question, and after reluctantly responding someone over heard my response and told the manager, I was discussing inappropiate things at work, and I should not be hired.

    So Shadowing can go both ways!

    I have sense did three other shadows and was offered positions at all of them~

    Good Luck