Securing new grad internship sp miscarriage

  1. New to this forum, hi all. Would anybody mind giving me feedback about securing a new grad type of internship in my situation...(I have looked for some similar threads so lemme know.)

    Graduated May 06 from UMB/BSN. Secured a "job" with one of the largest HC systems in the Carolinas. By the time of my start there was great strain on the unit (GYN/ONC) sad to say. Nurse educator gone. At the least four nurses left within the first two months. One preceptor for the unit, finally someone else stepped up. My "orientation" was very informal, with no follow up or follow through. No signing off . My NM suddenly retired shortly and there was no NM (the one/two ANM lost her house to hurricane) Three weeks on nights, two on days, one/two in class.

    Sadly, there were four of us in my cohort of newbies. One left in a huff. Two of us including myself got PG (1st). I mc'd twins, another did give birth stillborn.
    I had no FMLA of course and my position went up after three months (high risk I was). I was on the unit three months max. I have had numerous interviews, but they have been asking about my orientation and reviews. Or they say I don't qualify for a new grad internship because I worked already--yet not quite enough experience for much else. Whew!

    I am ready to return to work. But I need more than a job! I want a very good orientation and training experience! What to say or do? Do I speak objectively about my experience (or avoid it)?

    Can I secure a new grad position ? How to interview with less than six months experience on a strained unit... I am open to suggestions.

    Thanks everybody and please go easy on me :spin: I know I am not the only one who has been here. I am perfectly willing to change my expectations and attitude if need be. I want to overcome this!!

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  3. by   ava'smomRN
    first off... i am so sorry for your loss.

    heres what i would do, i dont know if it is realistic or not. i would continue to apply for positions and when you get an offer explain your loss as what it is or just say that you had needed time off during illness so you never really made through orientation. i would hope that your futre employer would be understanding...

    best of luck to you
  4. by   fmwf
    Thanks Miss JKm!

    Guess what? I did just that...I went to a job fair at my University. When I got a call back I said "I am looking for an internship in the "new grad" context. "No, worked b/f?" No.

    I said, " Well let me tell you why." I never completed orientation due to a high risk PG and M/C. I have kept my skills up by...I would like to interview for a new grad position b/c I believe that my experience actually gives me an advantage.

    At the (L&D) interview I said, "I believe that I am the ideal candidate b/c a) I learned a lot about how to have a successful and respectful orientation. b) I learned alot M/C and loss. c) I see my short term goals to work in L&D with more focus now--I have de-stressed from nursing school and I still want to be a nurse. d) during my interim I was able to join and maintain relvant memberships/organizations such as AWHONN.

    I start on the 21st of Jan 08!

    Thank you for your concern and post...I really matters so much!

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  5. by   ava'smomRN
    fmwf- i am glad to hear things worked out so well! congrats on the job!
  6. by   fmrnicumom
    First, I am very sorry for your loss. I've experienced many miscarriages and know it is incredibly painful. My heart goes out to you. Second, congratulations! It sounds like you handled things very well. Impressive!

    I am sure you will be an asset to your patients.