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I'm starting my nursing program on Jan.25th, and i'm really, really excited. Ever since I can remember I've always dreamed about being a nurse. I'm a medical assitant at a cardiologist office and I... Read More

  1. by   Magsulfate
    Quote from JOHNCHE
    one night i had a patient who wanted me to digitaly remove a impaction, i had just gave him MOM and told him to give time to work, i went to assess my patients, and when walking by his room he yelled out, hey john ! I got it, when i looked in his room, there he sat with a large amount of poop in his hand, he dug himself out, it was about the size of a softball, I thought OMG

    I've been a nurse for 6 years now in ICU where a lot of the times the RN has to clean the poop or help clean the poop... and I HATE POOP! I still have never gotten over it, but what can you do? You have to clean it up.

    One day, I was helping a more experienced nurse clean this huge liquid poop mess,, and she knew that I was always grossed out by this crap... so what did she do ? She grabbed the suction and yaunker wand and stuck it in the puddle and started sucking up the poop.. lmao... I almost vomitted right there. Of course afterword she changed out all the suction supplies,, BUT STILL!! HAHAH OMG. THAT WAS like combining the sputum suction with the diarrea thing... lol
  2. by   rustyshackleford
    Learn to breathe through your mouth and block off the nasal passages - makes one hell of a difference! and to be fair, you just get used to it - clean up one big mess and then go grab your lunch ; be it curry or chocolate sponge with chocolate custard!! :wink2:
  3. by   shannon_LPN
    LOL Rusty! That is so true. I've only been a nurse for a year and poop used to permeate my nostrils for the entire day, even after I got home. (Talk about a complex.......I was so paranoid I smelled!) But in time you do get used to it for the most part. Most of the time you are so busy, you just get in there and do it, you dont have time to reflect on the grossness of it. My first few months, I could have never dealt with poop and then went to lunch................just the other day I told myself I must be broken in because I helped the tx nurse change a stage 4 decubitis ulcer and went to lunch afterwards. Does that make me weird? :imbar
  4. by   cherryames2008
    Quote from Ronnie3
    How often do you guys have to change diapers and other duties alike? obviously it's a day to day issue but a rough estimate if you will
    Ronnie, I have changed so many diapers I don't even know if I could give you an estimate. If I have kids, I'm totally hiring a nanny because between babysitting and working peds, I have changed enough diapers for one lifetime. Actually, let's see: if I have at least one patient per week who needs a diaper change for an 8 hour shift, no parents or CNAs around to help (believe it or not, it happens more than you think), and I change them at least every 2 hours (provided that they don't have some crazy diarrhea, DI or are on diuretics), then that's 4 diapers. But, I work 3-12 hour shifts per week, so it's usually more. And even if I don't change them, I still have to open them up and look at the contents, then weigh them. And if it's the hem/onc floor, then I have to dip the urine and check stool for occult blood. But when you get to play with kids and rock babies to sleep, you forget about all of those dirty messes.
  5. by   cherryames2008
    Quote from JOHNCHE
    one night i had a patient who wanted me to digitaly remove a impaction, i had just gave him MOM and told him to give time to work, i went to assess my patients, and when walking by his room he yelled out, hey john ! I got it, when i looked in his room, there he sat with a large amount of poop in his hand, he dug himself out, it was about the size of a softball, I thought OMG
    That's a pretty bad poop story.

    In nursing school, I had to help turn a 600 lb patient while the doctor digitally removed stool. The pt's son was wondering why their home health care CNA (who worked alone) didn't use the same measures to get poop out that we were doing at the hospital, like suppositories, enemas, and digital removal. The doctor looked up and made some comment, like, "it takes at least 3 people to move her, that's why." What an afternoon! Fortunately, the patient felt much better afterwards.
  6. by   kenmak70
    I think that is funny....Cleaning POOP was the only aspect of nursing that I culd not stand. But after spending 14 years as an LPN an working with geriatrics, I learned wuickly that it is part of the career. As you gain exp in other areas of the nursing career, cleaning poop might not be part of the responsibilities.
  7. by   Jarelle
    I'm a CNA and I know how you feel. I've had a passion for people since I was a baby. I'm only 18 years old, and I'm a CNA at a long term facility. And it's awesome. I love to hear the stories (truth or lies) of what they did when there were growing up and things like that.

    I have orientated many new CNA students, and I can tell you this much....there is a lot of BM in this practice. But you will get used to the smell, I promise. When I first started I gagged a few times, and then after about a month or so, I dealt with it....the only times that I gag now are to the smell of a bladder infection, like a hardcore bladder infection, or I sometimes gag when I'm changing a resident and they toot. lol

    But there is hope. I've taught many people how to avoid gagging. Takes some practice but you'll overcome it. The trick is to breathe through the mouth, and out through the nose. Long deep breaths. And you'll be just fine. Don't worry about it. Because when you become a nurse, you'll be dealing with worse things then a poopy diaper.
    Just breathe, that's the best techniques and if you feel the need to gag, don't gag in front of the resident, most feel embarrassed that someone has to change them, so if you do gag , look away from the patient/resident.

    I hope that that helps you out. And good luck.
    and remember to just breathe
  8. by   AnnieSurv04
    Look if you have changed a baby's diaper don't worry you will be just fine it's just more, a whole not more at times but more. . If you're scared of poop you need to be more scared of colostomy's sorry, I about died the first time I did that. Not to scare you even more but that was the worst.
  9. by   Leslie Miranda
    I wasn't sure how I would react and on my first day of clinicals either. My original patient was in testing all day so I was shadowing other students patients. There was one gentleman who was taken off his NG tube and having bowel movements and starting to use the bathroom. As soon as we got there around 7am...he used the bathroom all over the bed. I actually wasn't there for that one, but he went 2 more times and on the last one he actually sat up at the edge of the bed and used the bathroom all over his sheets. It was weird because I was more concerned about him and making sure that we could get him back into bed than what he actually did. I didn't really focus on the actually poop that was all over the bed and didn't really pay attention to the smell. We were just concerned for him and getting him all cleaned up and changing the linens. Plus, you have gloves on and all kind of materials available in order to clean up. The only other think to suggest is to not make eye contact with the poop and you should be fine. It goes pretty quickly too. No worries.
  10. by   noraneka
    I've done some diaper changing, and if the smell is bothering you , just put some vasaline or the vicks on the outside of your nostrils. Than you should be ok
  11. by   arismendez_LVN
    first off let me say but not sounding too ****** at the same time. you need to get over it. nursing is not for you if you cant stand someone feces...and i actually have a tip that worked for a few of my fellow nursing buddies who were in the same situation you were...try rubbing vicks under your nose...just a dab...takes away the smell
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  12. by   Gauge
    Also, if you get in good with some anesthesia people they have various liquids they can put to make the gas friend whose mom is a CRNA got us some Peppermint! lol!
  13. by   eve104
    OK i didnt read all your post but I have you beat, I worked in an SCI unit, not gonna say where, but I was utterly SHOCKED when they schooled me on Bowel Care. You talk about having to do EVERYTHING for someone. Geri is hard for the reason that here is a person that cant do for themself any more due to age, I had pt's that are young and middle aged that you have to do EVERYTHING for. But back to the poop. It was NOT one of my most favorable activities, however I got over it and now I just go in and GETR DONE! But there are times where the smell is very earthy and you have to contantly remind yourself to not make a face. But with practice you get better and just keep in mind the pt does not like it any more than you do. Although I have noticed that the older they get they just dont care. but still just be professional and remind your pt that its ok and as if its no big deal.