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  1. Hi from southeast Kansas to all out there in cyberspace! I will be finishing my LPN program next week, and will take my boards soon, and plan to continue on into the 2nd year of the ADN program to acheive RN status. I have been a paramedic for 16 years, and have decided to get into a more controlled atmosphere!! I am tired of being cold, wet, hot, sweaty, bloody, and muddy! I really don't mind the bloody, as that aspect can come with any specialty. I have decided not to work during my 2nd year, because, quite frankly, it would not be financially worth it to me. Grades are worth everything to me, and want to devote my time to being not only a good nurse, but a GREAT nurse. I see myself working in the ER, critical care units, or possibly flight nursing. I look forward to hearing from everyone.
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  3. by   live4today
    Welcome to, oldmedic2rn! By your name...are you prior military by chance? Or, just an old medic from your paramedic standpoint? Either way, we welcome you. I wish you well in your studies and future as a nurse.
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    to cheerfuldoer- thanks for the welcome. its nice to have a mentor to "get my feet wet". In answer to your question, no I am not military, but I work with EMT's, and thats just the way we differenciate each other on occaision. My studies seem to totally consume me, but I have a very supportive husband(great cook!) and an 11 year old son that really enjoys helping Mom study! I know I have it really good, and I thank God for blessing me each day!
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    Hi oldmedic2rn, I was a paramedic for 19 years before deciding to take the plunge into nursing school. I just finished my ADN and am waiting to take the boards. I didn't work during my second year either. The amount of time that I was available to work just wasn't enough to warrant the concern. I did my preceptorship in a 24 bed ER and found that my field experience helped a whole lot but found that I still have a lot to learn about operating in that "controlled environment". Grades were everything to me too as well as not just being good but the best...could that be a medic thing!!! It took some extra doing but I was able to keep up a 4.0 while keeping most everything else going pretty well. Anyway, good luck on your boards and the next 2 semesters.
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    Hi Oldmedic2RN2! Glad to have ya! I too, will be graduating in 3 weeks from an LPN program.
    Excited as the dickens!!!