Question about NET and NCLEX test questions!

  1. Sounds like a funny title to the thread, but I'm taking the NET test. I actually took it already, but have to retake the comprehension portion of the exam again Anyway, they said that the portion of the test was geared towards NCLEX style test questions. Should I get a NCLEX book to help review HOW to answer the questions? if so, which is the [i]best[/b] in your opinions?

    I guess my question about the tests are....if you're doing a test question and all the answers are "correct" how do you pick the BEST answer? This is so aggravating! Anyone have any "easy" way to guide me? I'm not sure if anyone can help, but I thought I'd try! :chuckle
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  3. by   Neon8
    When all of the answers seem right, use the process of elimination. I know this sounds trite, but when it came right down to it on the NCLEX, it really worked for me. Also, before I took the test, I went back and really studied my Med/Surg. I think that was way better than all those NCLEX review books (and I had 4 of those that I read).
  4. by   MK2002
    Did you use the NET Study Guide to prepare for your first attempt? In case you have not heard of this book, here is the appropriate link:

    Regarding your question about choosing the correct answer, I have passed numerous standardized exams over the years on my first try. (I am also the author of a certifcation practice test.) When you cannot choose the correct answer during a standardized exam this is simply a signal that you have not studied enough. You have to work harder before taking the exam.
  5. by   javamom
    Thanks for the suggestions. I took it on Wednesday and passed! So I'm all done with that!

    For the record though, on the NET test there are questions that have ALL right answers and you have to find the "best" one. There is no possible way to study for the NET test. It gives you a reading portion on ANY possible topic that could be science related and then has you read many pages and then at the end, the computer screen blanks out and asks you things that your read a while back. The problem being is that the 4 options they give are all quotes directly from the info you read. You just have to know which is the better of the 4 answers even though they're correct. I had 5 girlfriends at school that had to retake the comprehension portion, so I didn't feel SO bad :chuckle. I have a 4.0 right now and came 2 points shy of passing the reading portion the first time. It's a far cry from an "honest testing"!

    Anyway, I'm just glad it's over and my application is turned in and now I "hurry up and wait" LOL
  6. by   brittney318
    i had to retake the reading comprehension section. i read the study guide and it really helps out. there are a couple of answers that are correct for the same question,but the study guide helps you think like the test maker so you will know how to answer the questions. i read it and passed and am now an official nursing student..yay!:spin: