Question about liability insurance for nurses

  1. New Grad, first job, start Monday Can I get some advice about insurance? Do you recommend it? which types? individual professional liability? malpractice? anything else? Just want to make sure I have ducks in a row. Thanks in advance!!
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  3. by   Racer15
    I wouldn't work without it. I have liability insurance through NSO. As a new nurse, it cost me less than $100 for a year. Well worth it.
  4. by   DavidKarl
    It's too cheap not to have it. It may or may not benefit you in a crisis (like most types of insurance, that have small print to exclude every claim)- but in this case, it's so cheap, just do it. (But be sure it pays for a lawyer if you are charged with a compliant, or are arrested for anything). It's not like 'health' insurance, for $800 a month with a $25,000 deductible!
  5. by   AZ_RN
    Thanks Racer. is liability the same as malpractice? I hope I never have to use any of it but do want to protect myself if the need be.
  6. by   Racer15
    It's essentially the same thing. NSO covers you, whether you are being sued, asked to testify, etc. It's well worth the money.
  7. by   fmxkrazyone
    I also have coverage through NSO, it is pretty cheap even after the first year, totally worth having even for peace of mind.