Pressure to take breaks ...

  1. I don't know what is wrong with me but it is often a struggle for me to get all my work done efficiently. It really sucks.

    I always feel like the slowest person on the floor. Everyone else is able to take breaks and have time to socialize except me. I don't even know why I am slow. I once asked one of my preceptors as to what I could do to make myself more efficient and she didn't even really have an answer for me. I recognize that I am a new grad but I see other new grads who are always done their work so much more quickly than me and even complain that they are bored. I feel like such a failure sometimes that I am not progressing as well as these other new grads.

    There have been some nurses on the floor who have confronted me about not taking my breaks and the only answer I can give them is that I have poor time management skills ... I felt embarrassed telling them and I have a feeling they felt uncomfortable hearing it.

    I know that the nurses on my floor often like to talk to others about other nurses and it worries me that word will get back to my managers that I am not effectively managing my time.

    I almost feel pressured to take my breaks now that I will be working more shifts with these nurses who seem to keep tabs on if I am taking my breaks or not. I know they are just concerned and looking out for me but I feel less pressured to do my work if I have more time to work - taking breaks feels like a burden to me.

    Anyone else feel this way or have been in this position?
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  3. by   CarenicaRN
    Hi Sassy!

    I am a new nurse myself and soon I will be starting my first job. The experience that I have with this issue comes from my Sr. Practicum. At first, I was very hesitant to ask for help, either from other nurses or from aides. I always had such a problem finding time for breaks! My preceptor finally held an intervention. She said, "Look, you are doing great, but what I want you to work on is delegation. You don't have to do everything yourself." I have also been told by several nurses that as a new nurse, if you DON'T ask for help you will be "black-balled."

    Could it be that these nurses are saying, "hey, do you need help?" by asking you why you don't take breaks?

    You said yourself that these nurses are just trying to help you. Take them up on it! Ask them help you clean-up a pt., hang a drug for you, or whatever else it is you need. As an added bonus, working together with these nurses in a pt. room can help you build the step to the social relationships outside of the room.

    Another powerful maxim from a Sr. Nurse: "The fastest way to burnout is to not take breaks."

    Hang in there! <Hugs!>

  4. by   Tweety
    Don't compare your outsides to others insides. I remember when I graduated one of the new students cried real tears venting to me and ending with "you have it so together and are having such an easier time than me" and boy shouldn't be more wrong. I was just as down on myself and insecure as she was.

    What you're going through is entirely normal. You will continue to pick up speed and organization as the weeks go by and soon some new grad will be looking at you with admiration.
  5. by   NursingAgainstdaOdds
    No doubt, Tweety.
  6. by   bubbly
    I am a new grad and my preceptor and other nurses have been know to kick me out of the room and finish anything I have left to do on my patient just to give me a break since I can be slow too. It has been getting better though. My preceptor gave me the tip to time everything I do, such as how long it takes to do routine morning assessments, vitals, etc., and strive to meet your time management goals, such as I will finish my assessment in 15 minutes. That helps keep track of where your time is spent. Another good time management tip is clustering your care. Focus on 1 patient at a time and get everything done for that patient before moving on to the next patient. Also prioritize the order you will see the patients in. I hope some of that advice helps, and like other posts have mentioned, don't be afraid to ask for help from others!