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  1. I am a new graduate and have passed NCLEX. I will start looking for a job very soon. How should I go about applying? Do I just walk in & ask "Are you hiring LPN's as of now? I do not know how to go about this. When applying at a large hospital who should I contact about employement. Any help wil be appreciated!
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  3. by   purplemania
    Check online first to see if the facility has jobs listed. If not, go to Human Resources and state " I would like to apply for an LPN position". Wear a decent outfit because they might give you an application and short interview right then. Have a printed resume to give out (you can find samples online). Smile a lot and be friendly. Even if they have no openings today, ask what type positions do they generally hire LPN's for and how long they hold applications. Ask if you can have an interview with the unit manager (the ones most likely to hire LPN's) "just in case". You want to make a good impression with everyone. Even though you have no experience, you have a license and that makes you valuable. Good luck.
  4. by   KatieBell
    Best way to do this in my opinion only:

    Look on line at health facilities web sites- you can click on the link that usually says "Careers" or "employment" or "opportunities"
    Browse and see what jobs are open. Jot down which ones interest you.

    On the employment area there will be a phone number. After you have written down which jobs interest you- call and ask to speak to a recruiter about the LPN positions. Just say, " Hi my name is Preslee Spohia. I'm a new LPN. I saw on your web site you have some interesting openings for LPNs at your facility and I'd like to talk to a recruiter about them."

    Do not just fill out the on line applications- if you look at past posts on this board, people who have done only that, have had trouble getting the interview.

    Other option, fill out the on line app. then about 4-5 days later call HR and say, "Hi I'm Preslee, I filled out an On line application last week and I was wondering if you needed any more information from me?" Then they usually go and look up the application.

    Best Wishes!