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I am a new nurse who just got off orientation a few weeks ago. I have worked at the hospital where I am for more than a year and was hired from a tech position to a nurse once I passed my boards. I... Read More

  1. by   solonglife4nursing
    IV Abx can be given concurrent of course but it depends on the Dr's orders and depends on the patient circumstances......and i think we all know that....anything and everything in nursing is dependent on the particular circumstances for each and every patient.
    Ever heard the saying "nurses eat their young" looks like you have fallen into this category. Nurses are strong personalities and as we all know we can be tough on each other and expect nothing but the best.....I have worked in big hospitals and little hospitals and many different facilities through my career...nurses are never gonna change. You might be the center of some hatred right now but maybe if you just go to work, do your best and go home your spot light will pass, it will be someone else's turn eventually.
    Don't go to work caring if the whole shift is your friend. Go to work to make a difference in your patients lives. Its not a social contest at work and if it is your there for the wrong reasons. Learn to tune them out and just do your work. If they refuse to help you with things you need help with like boosts and turns and such then its time to speak up and let it be known that their childishness is affecting patient care.
    Do your job 100% then they have nothing to say...and if they will learn to grow a thicker skin and not care....make sure your butt is covered when it comes to anything legal...i started as a DSW then an RPN and now an RN....pretty difficult to stay anywhere you have been another "title" or role...people dont like change...I had to move units and once facilities to be able to practice without old dogs trying to keep me down...nurses are a funny and weird our patients but so hard on each other....i am trying to make sure that no longer happens in my facility...the young are cared for and respected....they will carry the old when its their nice to each other....
  2. by   RNam
    Well for starters, it's obvious your not helping your self esteem by posting on here. I stopped reading the comments about half way through. Some people are just plain mean. The things you mentioned are not stupid mistakes, they're lack of experience mistakes. I won't bother repeating what some have already said about improving your skills, working through it, the whole piggy back thing,etc. But I will mention this... It's not impossible to change people's mind about you. I have seen more than a few people accomplish this at my job. They had a rough start, kind of clashed with a few of the more difficult personalities, but they kept a good attitude, and went out of their way to show people their true colors, and that they were really trying, and over the coarse of several months, I saw the same people who had been bad mouthing them, completely turn around. One thing that ends up happening a lot of times is that other people that may have heard a negative report about you, start to decide that they don't hold the same opinion, or they just plain forget about it over time. Ofcourse, all of that requires some persistence & positive attitude on your part, but it can be done. And there will always be a few folks that are determined to be cruel and unmerciful, no matter what you do. For them, you have to learn to avoid them when you can, and develop a thick skin for the times you can't. And you have to learn to be a little kinder to yourself too. Best of luck!
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    HAVE YOU? nurse Freud? It is RN 's like you that give the saying...."nurse's eat their young" validity.
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    Congrats to you canigraduate!! for seeking help. I hope that OP takes this info to heart and stop letting others beat up on her. I would do as you have done. We need to realize seeking mental health help is nothing wrong when nurses do this, we can become a better person who is more focused and wise in willing to admit our mistakes and then encourage others. Best Wishes!!
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    Thanks for the advice. Yeah, I don't know why other people are attacking me. Clearly I know I have a problem - I don't really need other people lashing out at me.
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    Yikes, um. I don't know what to say to this. Except I am glad I didn't see it when I was going through my rough time. During the time I made mistakes, I was on orientation. The preceptor was there to ensure that I wasn't "damn dangerous." It has been a year and things have certainly gotten better. I don't make mistakes anymore, I am considered a good nurse, and people (other nurses) regularly come to me for advice and to answer questions.
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    Thanks for the advice. Yeah, I don't know why other posters are attacking me. It definitely does not help.
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    Thank you so much for the advice and the sample reports!
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    #63 that makes no sense what so ever. Never heard of hanging zozyn over four hours at 12.5 ml/hr.
    Other fluids are there to hydrate the patient. Hydration is not dependent upon such a small amount of fluid. What would happen if the pt needed a new IV and it took an hour to get it in? How are you going to make up for this hour? Not necessary. 12.5 ml is like a few drops.