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An ode to the new nurse I work with....also known as what I want you to know. I see in new nurses what I felt in myself when I started nursing. Reality shock is real. It is scary. And it stinks. You... Read More

  1. by   RiRi03
    Thank you so, so much.
  2. by   SarahLeeRN
    Quote from NurseJackieRN915
    wow.. this actually made me tear. I am a new nurse. I have been working on a busy subacute unit in a nursing home for 6 months now. I am constantly tired from sleepless nights of wondering if I did everything right, If I answered every question to my patients correctly, and did I refer that lab....? It is so comforting to know someone else understands how I feel. I strive to one day be "the strong nurse." The nurse who can handle any crisis situation.. but until that time comes, I will read posts like this one, that have so deeply touched my heart, and made me feel better. I thank you.
    Great! You are so welcome. You will get there.
  3. by   SarahLeeRN
    Quote from thenewOLDnurse
    Thank you SOO much. I have been reading "allnurses.com" for a few weeks now for encouragement. I began my first nursing job last month. I am now in my last week of orientation and am SO Scared, not knowing whether or not I'm going to pass and have a job. I feel as though only the areas where I lack are discussed during my weekly meetings.

    I was interviewed for a night position which I was willing to accept to allow myself downtime to focus and work on documentation. However, I was hired for full time days. Should I ask about the night shift?
    I am so glad that this was an encouragement to you! Have you passed the NCLEX yet? I think it depends on what you think that you can handle as far as the shift. Which shifts have you been oriented to? Sometimes the day is better because there are so many resources-but it is faster paced. Do you work well at night? There are many things to be considered. If you do have the option of days, I would think maybe you should try that just to see. You could always go to nights-but sometimes it takes longer to get from nights to days. I guess it depends on several factors like the ones that I listed.
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    Quote from RegMurse12
    Wow...that sent chills down my spine. Do you work with me? I feel like you saw exactly what happened to me.
    You never can tell..muuuhaha... But actually I see a lot of the same emotions in many new grads. Some manifest differently of course depending on personality...but reality shock is reality shock. Not a fun time really for the first 6-12 months-depending on the person.
  5. by   trueblue2000
    The best post I have seen on this board in a long time. At which time point would you say it gets better? 6, 9, 12, 18 or 24 months into the job?
  6. by   dyanne23-RN
    That is so sweet! You're awesome and nurses rock!!!
  7. by   SarahLeeRN
    Quote from trueblue2000
    The best post I have seen on this board in a long time. At which time point would you say it gets better? 6, 9, 12, 18 or 24 months into the job?
    Again, I think it depends on the person. It takes some people 6, it takes others 12. Depends on the situation as well. I would think it should be workable for most people after 24 months..if not, time to try another area of nursing!
  8. by   Tricia328
    So sweet and kind. Refreshing to read! Thank you for your post.
  9. by   42katrn
    I stumbled upon this last night at 1:30 am while seriously considering resigning from my RN position on a surg floor. I am 13 months off precepting and was doing better, thought I was over the new nurse depression. Then had a craptastic week and fell so back into it. Your post was just what I needed at exactly the right time.

    Re-grouping, thank God with four days off from the hospital and heading back in with some renewed purpose and trying out a few new organizational tips I found on the med/surg forum.

    Thanks, you just might have saved a nurse....
  10. by   ShaynaSmart
    May I come and work with you when I graduate? : )
  11. by   rnblack4
    This is definitely nice to hear! Thanks!
  12. by   roser13
    I wish I had seen this years ago when I was new and starting to break down under the stress, and the panic attacks were beginning. Until I found this forum, I thought I was the only one who couldn't seem to get a grip in that first year. Of course I did eventually, but I was already on the path to getting the heck out of hospital bedside nursing.

    Aside from personal feelings, what this post most emphasizes to me yet again is that there is something so wrong with our system, as we continue to drive GOOD, caring nurses (and I now know that I was good and I was caring) away from the bedside.

    Something must change but I don't know what or how.
  13. by   wannabecnl
    This is beautifully written, and I thank you for sharing it with us. I'm off orientation in my first job as of this Monday, and there have been days I survived only because my wonderful coworkers said something encouraging to me. And you know what? It is getting a little better each week; I sleep a bit better, worry a little less, work a bit more competently, make slightly better judgment calls, etc. I admire the experienced nurses in my unit so much and hope to someday be as good a nurse as they are. Thank you again.