OB position for new grad?

  1. Do any of you know where you can get hired as a new grad on a L&D floor? I really don't want a med-surg floor, and in my area, that's the ONLY place for new grads. I am graduating in Dec. 2003, and I am ready to start looking for a good place to work. I am considering Texas, North Carolina and anywhere else that offers a good environment with good pay in OB! Thanks for anything you can tell me.
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  3. by   MomNRN
    The hospital I used to work at hired me and another new grad for OB. They continue to do so. They usually hire them to tech during their last semester and then they are ready to go as soon as they graduate. It was nice to be somewhat acclimated to the unit prior to getting the RN.

    Unfortunately, I found out OB was not for me and left a year later. My only concern was that I would specialize too soon in my nursing career. But, that might have happened had I gone into other areas as well.

    I went from OB to school nursing. I nurse at a school for special needs kids, so it is not your basic school. Here I am specializing again. I knew a med/surg floor would not be for me, but I have wondered how it will affect my nursing knowledge.

    I look at it as a chance to channel my knowledge into an area I am interested in.

    Good luck in finding what you want. Only you know what is right for you!
  4. by   KarenAR
    Rex Hospital in Raleigh, NC, does a year-long internship in OB (6 mos in L&D, 6 mos in nursery). I was going to be one of their interns for this year, but as it turns out, we're moving to FL, so I had to decline the position.

    I think they may only do it starting in May. Not sure what other hospitals in NC do anything like this. The website for the hospital is http://www.rexhealth.com/. Check it out to get the HR info and give 'em a call!

    Good luck,
  5. by   palesarah
    my hospital hires new grads straight into most specialties, including LDRP (which is where I am). It's a 9-12 month orientation, depending on the orientee. First mom/baby care, then L&D, then level 2 nursery. It's a great program in a great hospital (very friendly, pro-nursing culture) but it's in NH, which is not at all like NC or TX with our 6-month long winters :P
  6. by   fourbirds4me
    Most hospitals here in Oklahoma will hire new grads for L&D. I am in a fairly small town so there are not really any job openings in specialty areas... But they are abundant in OKC and Tulsa.

    Where are you at in VA?
  7. by   nekhismom
    Thanks everyone for the info! I live in martinsville, VA, which is a very small town in southern va. NH is a bit cold for me, but I am willing to move just about anywhere. I am a little concerned about specializing so soon, but I know a med/surg floor is not for me. I would like to continue my education to become a nurse-midwife, so L&D seems like the logical place for me to start.
  8. by   fourbirds4me
    I would try some of the bigger cities in your area. There are several good midwifery programs in VA (Georgetown and Shenendoah University) so if that is what you are interested in it mey pay to go to those areas.