No return call from nurse manager, should I keep calling? - page 3

I've left two voicemails so far to the nurse manager in charge of the floor I am trying to apply a job at. HR already sent my application almost a month and a half ago and that is when I placed my... Read More

  1. by   whoa-now
    PS The none women I did get to talk when I followed up to was the one who said they were swamped with applications, asked my name again and that don't worry someone would get back to me either way. Another week goes by I called and asked receptioniest if job had been filled without giving my name. Receptiioniest stated "no one yet". I thanked her, hung up and waited and waird. NO CALL BACK.
  2. by   whoa-now
    Prinsessa, I agree with this as well. Job hunting these days is SO VERY impersonal!! This has been another oet peeve of mine while looking for a job.