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  1. Hello everyone,

    My name is Alex and I am a new grad. Some of you may know me from Instagram. If you don't know who I am, take a moment to check out my content on my Instagram. I posted my entire nursing school journey on there and have developed a platform where many nursing students and healthcare professionals can come on my page and feel comfortable asking me whatever nursing school related questions they had. Currently, I am expanding my platforms by adding YouTube and Allnurses as other outlets you can reach me at.

    A little bit about myself, as stated I am a new grad. I should be taking my NCLEX by the end of January making me an official RN. Additionally, I am a mother, current hairstylist and makeup artist and future ER RN. I will begin my new grad position starting in the emergency room at the end of January. While in nursing school I worked as a nurse apprentice in a pediatric ER and I fell in love with the pace and environment of the emergency room.

    I look forward to networking with many of you on this amazing platform that allows us nurses to ask for help, support or any questions we may have. I am always willing to help inspire, support or give any advice to students or anyone in general.

    I do have some questions for you all:
    1. What type of topics would you all like to read about/engage in?
    2. Do you guys like product reviews? If so, which products? (scrubs, stethoscopes, etc.)
    3. Please tell me a little bit about yourselves such, as which department you work in and what your future goals are and how long you have been a nurse.

    Talk to you all soon,
    XoX Alex
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Congrats on your recent graduation! Good luck on the NCLEX!
  4. by   Alexx_xox
    Thank you so much! Do you have any NCLEX prep recommendations??
  5. by   traumaRUs
    Ooohh sorry, no. Hate to admit it but when I took the NCLEX for LPN - it was pen and paper in a big conference room in Indianapolis. Then, when I took the NCLEX-RN (two years later) we were one of the first ones to take the computerized exam - 1994.

    I know that many members have said the in-person reviews are very helpful. I think much depends on how you learn: if you are a visual learner, in-person might be the way to go. However, if (like me), I just re-read my notes from school and relied on critical thinking skills.

    Best wishes for a successful NCLEX!
  6. by   CiaMia
    Hey Alex! Been following you over on IG for a while! nice to see you here!

    For NCLEX... here's what helped me!!

    - do NOT try and study the day before. Really. By that point, you'll either know it, or you won't. Review critical values or something if you feel you really need to, but no new content, and no in-depth studying.
    - plan something fun for right after/the day after. I can't remember if AZ has Quick Results, but anything to pass the time between walking out and finding out the result.
    - don't get sucked into the PVT. Please. <3 it's not worth risking the money, and there's no guarantee as to timing between the algorithm that cuts you off and ends the exam, and when the human at PV does their quality review.
    - be prepared to walk out having NO IDEA if you've passed. it's okay. you won't remember all the questions you knew right away, but you WILL remember the ones you stared at being like "...what?!!.." (haha). I know it happened with me - got a TON of oncology on the day. No idea why.
    - if it doesn't cut off at 75 questions, IT IS OKAY. Breathe. if you are still getting questions, you're still in the game. take whatever breaks they offer you to clear your head.

    Good luck!!!
  7. by   PocketSize
    Congrats on finishing!

    1. My hobbies/favorite topics to search are completely non-nursing related so I'm not much help there. Whilst in school, I did search this site for tips on how to be a good ED RN, tips for difficult sticks, etc.
    2. Not sure about the product review question? My stethoscope is Littmann and I love it. Best scrubs for me are Grey's Anatomy and Purple Heart
    3. I'm almost 1yr in the ED, graduated 12/16. Passed NCLEX 2/17 and started my residency later that month as well. I too worked in an ED during school and it helped so much. The ER so far has been fun and challenging but I can't see myself working in another department, though I know I'll have to do ICU for my end goal.
    End goal is flight (any mentors out there? *wink* )
    Here's what helped me:

    -30-day sub from World (main NCLEX resource and what helped me MOST. I did the entire bank and then redid the ones I got wrong before taking their "readiness assessment")
    -NCLEX-RN app, I memorized the critical values on their app and their questions were good as well
    -Reviewed OB/Peds basics (my least favorite/weaker subjects in school)
    -Scheduled my exam for 11am (I am NOT a morning person and the center was 1.5hrs away. Consider that when scheduling your test date.) Also, I took mine on a Friday meaning I wouldn't get my results until Monday. Longest weekend of my life, but I caved and did the pop-up trick and saw that I'd passed
    -I went to dinner with a friend the day before the exam

    A lot of people say to relax and not do anything the day before but I got sick whilst studying and slacked off a couple of days so it gave me comfort to skim over some things before bed. My mom drove me there (always good to have someone drive you) and I did a few questions on NCLEX-RN app on the drive there to get my mind into testing mode. It's different for everyone but that's what worked for me and what I felt comfortable with. I felt prepared for the test but of course, nervous. That went away by question 2 and I got more confident at the test went on. I still had many challenging questions and told myself if it didn't cut off at 75, I'd get up to take a break. It shut off at 75 and BOOM! A new world opened. I attribute my success to a disciplined study schedule, TONS of practice questions, and UWORLD.

    Good luck
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  8. by   Alexx_xox
    Thank you so much!
  9. by   Alexx_xox
    Thank you so much, you have seriously made me feel so much better. I am stressed, per usual, but I have faith that I know the content and I am praying that I am successful on my first attempt.

    I am super excited to hear that you have been following me for a while now on IG. Im glad to meet you on another platform.

    I will keep you all updated on when I take the exams and the results of the exam.

  10. by   Alexx_xox
    I am also doing UWorld right now and I find it super helpful. I absolutely love the rationales and how it explains why each answer option is or isn't correct.

    I love the ER so much, as I stated I worked as a nurse apprentice all throughout school and going into nursing school I actually had plans on only doing ER. I feel like its challenging, yet fun and it gives me the critical thinking skills I need to be successful.

    Whats the pop up trick? Sorry, I am not familiar with that term.
  11. by   CiaMia
    Quote from Alexx_xox
    Whats the pop up trick? Sorry, I am not familiar with that term.
    So the Pearson Vue Trick/PVT/popup trick is when you try and register for NCLEX again after you have taken it - there was a glitch in the system in that you could "find out" if you passed when the website would give you a message to let you know you could not register.

    However!!! They have worked on their system (it was a glitch) and it is NOT consistently reliable; and now you have to submit payment (you used to not have to) to run the "trick" which means you risk $200+ which is non-refundable. So you could potentially get charged for another test when you have passed the original one.

    As hard as it is, the best thing is to wait for PV to run their process and get your official results.

    You've got this!!
  12. by   Alexx_xox
    Oh gosh, I do not want to run the risk of paying yet another 200 dollars. I will just be patient and wait for my results, although I know it's going to kill me to do that.

    How long did you wait for results? I heard it was about 48 hours before unofficial results were posted. Does this sound correct to you?
  13. by   CiaMia
    It depends on the state. Some states participate in Pearson Vue's "Quick Results", where you sign in to your Pearson Vue account 2 days after the test, pay about $8 (I think) to view whether you passed.

    Sometimes, the state board posts the license in the online registry before the quick results are available. I know friends who found out they passed because they searched their names about found their licenses listed as active :-)
  14. by   CiaMia
    Quick Results | NCSBN Here's the list of states that participate in Quick results!