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  1. hello all

    i am new here and i need your help. i graduated in may and am about to take boards on june 23. i am enrolled in kaplan and i need to know how everyone else studied by it. i have answered my whole disc and am only getting about 60-65% correct. i need advice on what to do now. i have not taken the readiness test yet. thanks to all who post a repy!!!! this is a great forum

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  3. by   cursenurse
    congratulations! i am a june grad and while i did not take kaplan's, some of my classmates did. from what i hear, kaplan has tests (perhaps the readiness test) that will pinpoint areas for improvement. i think that you should take that test so that you can find out where you are weak. kaplan also has a good book that you are supposed to recieve when you purchase their study package that breaks down diseases by the nursing process, that would be very good to review. talk to the people at kaplan's to find out all the resources you have open to you. my friend has been able to go to the kaplan learning center qd if she wants to to study and take advantage of their resources.
  4. by   Love-A-Nurse
    welcome and congratulaions on the completion of school. i did not take a review through kaplan but wanted to wish you well on the nclex.
  5. by   lesleyg
    I also took kaplan and was scoring 60-65% on the practice tests. I studied for exactly three weeks by typing notes on the course book (I literally typed about 20 pages a day and then studied them). HOwever, I thought I was screwed big time when I couldn't get good grades on the practice tests. I took the NCLEX last monday and it shut off at 75 questions- I passed! So don't worry about the practice tests. Just answer as many questions as you can and study the content- thats what I did and even though I studied a lot of stuff that wasn't on the test. I obviously did something right so I would just cover your bases, study the book and do questions and you'll do fine!
  6. by   AcosmicRN
    It doesn't matter what percentage you are getting on the practice tests. It doesn't matter at all. All that matters is that you review your wrong answers (and your right ones, too), and gain the knowledge from the errors and the rationales. That's the only good it will do you. That doesn't mean it's not good; it just means that you could miss all of them, so long as you reviewed them afterwards. The NCLEX-RN is not like the practice questions, or at least mine wasn't. I needed the knowledge from the reviews I did, but I really needed all the knowlege I gained in nursing school as well. Just my opinion, and if I find out I failed, my opinion isn't worth dirt.

  7. by   chrysalus1003
    Thanks so much to all of you. I am going to take your advice about typing study sheets b/c that is what I did in nursing school and it obviously worked. Thanks so much. I am so glad to hear you were scoring 60-65% on Kaplan but still passed NCLEX. I plan on taking the Readiness test in a couple of days so I can brush up on my weak areas.

    You guys are great
  8. by   jbeck817
    Our nursing school made the Kaplan review mandatory the last semester of school. In order to graduate from the BSN program, everyone had to take the 180 question Kaplan test and pass with a 65% or better. There were 53 of us in our graduating class, 26 passed, 27 didn't. So we had to retake it the following week to pass. Thank goddess that all but 2 passed. I think the strategies are helpful, but reviewing questions is best. I take the NCLEX 6-29 and it's all I've been thinking about.............