New Grad Starting in Subacute Rehab

  1. Hello All,

    I'm a new grad getting ready to go work at a Rehab Hospital. It's a small subacute facility that deals mostly with TBI's, CVA's, and SCI's, with all sorts of things in between. I wanted to get my start in either med/surg or ICU, but found that (surprise surprise) no one was hiring. So I applied at the facility and got a job offer. I want to eventually get back to the hospital and I worry that being in a rehab hospital will ruin that dream. I love the work that rehab nurses do, but i just don't want to start there. I'm happy to have a job with the way things are, I just don't want to make a big mistake right out of the gate. Any nurses know if getting into rehab will harm my chances of getting back to the hospital? I appreciate any advice offered!
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  3. by   kaikou
    I think that rehab/skilled nursing facilities can hurt you on the pure fact that in order to handle the average patient load nurses end up utilizing short cuts in order to achieve their job requirements.

    In that sense hiring managers are leary that you might not be able to change those learned bad habits when transitioning to the hospital environment.
  4. by   rn0905
    justartinout congratulations first of all for getting a job at a rehab center! don't worry about the hospital jobs, it will come when the economy improves.

    i don't believe that nursing facilities will hurt you and no way will hiring managers be so negative. if they are pessimistic as kaikou commented, then what kind of people won't be giving you a chance. the only reason people say this now is because the economy is bad and they can be picky. if experienced rn's now struggle to find a job, what else of a new grad?

    when the economy gets better hospitals will start to hire again. you'll have a better chance of getting a job because you would be considered having rn experience in rehab as opposed to no experience at all. and with rehab experience you could do per diem for nursing homes or vns if you choose too. and when working with other nurses, this will also give you a chance to network, getting to know supervisors/directors of nursing, they know a lot of people in healthcare field and you never know they may refer you to other places. so keep your head up, and don't believe what other people say about losing chances with starting in a non-hospital setting.

    good luck!

  5. by   RNlvn
    I am in the same boat so I can relate. Me personally I don't have any other source of income so I have to start working.
  6. by   juststartinout
    Thanks for the encouragement RN0905! In these rough times, I'm glad just to have a job at all! I start my first shift tonight, and I'm looking forward to learning all that I can.
  7. by   TipitiwichitRN
    Quote from juststartinout
    Thanks for the encouragement RN0905! In these rough times, I'm glad just to have a job at all! I start my first shift tonight, and I'm looking forward to learning all that I can.

    GOOD LUCK! Tonight's your first night, and I wish the best for you!! I can feel your enthusiasm!

    - And RN0905- that was a great. positive post.
  8. by   yooper86
    How is the new job going now that you have had a few weeks? Just wondering because I start as a new grad at a subacute floor next week!
  9. by   mgmotomom
    I too am starting out on a subacute rehab unit in a small community hospital. I worried about maybe commiting career suicide before I even got started but here's what I know. Those that think rehab nurses aren't real nures need to try it out for a day. I know many a seasoned med/surg nurse who starts to have a panic attack b/c they aren't used to moving a new hip or need to perform trach care and they haven't done that since nursing school. Rehab nursing is incredibly rewarding b/c you actually get to see the patient get better and not just turn and burn for a bed. Any experience is better than no experience. I have made it clear to my manager that I am very eager and interested in picking up shifts on the med/surg floor but that is so that a)I can supplement my income as my position is only 16h and b) I want to continue to learn.

    Good luck in your new job!!! It will take all of your best nursing skills!
  10. by   mmm333
    It depends on the hiring manager but most people are going to agree that it doesn't make sense to sit around unemployed for years dreaming about that ICU training program that never materializes.