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Hello, I graduated with my BSN in May of 2010 and passed my boards in September. I have applied to OVER 30 positions without being picky at all. I've applied to hospitals up to an hour away from... Read More

  1. by   sunshine!
    I have been applying to new grad jobs for quite some time (graduated in December 2010) and the only places that called me were Home Health Agencies... although willing to hire me they cancelled because I don't have the "1 year experience"

    I am still waiting for that initial phone call from an HR professional... I followed up, left messages, and still waiting.

    Nowadays, who you know in a hospital puts you way ahead of the crowd.
    "I'm not upset... I'm incandescent with rage"
  2. by   JoshuaRN
    This is an unseen phenomenon when going into nursing. I have two associate degrees (RN associate and AA) and LPN diploma along with PALS, ACLS, first responder and a nice looking resume. I would like to know where all of these forecasted RN jobs are for the new grads, including myself. Every employment website states they want 3-5 years acute care experience. How in the world are we going to get experience if were are not even going to be given the chance to be hired? Clinical experience is not valid in employers eyes either. Minnesota has the highest rate of RN graduates. If you are considering going to school to be a nurse do not count your chickens thinking that you will have employers smiling and eagerly greeting you into their office to offer you a job after you pass your boards. Colleges make great money through the world of nursing, don't kid yourself... A college is a business too... They will go where the money is just the same as any other wise business.
  3. by   olifg84
    Wow this is to crazy!! I have been a licensed RN since September of 2009 and haven't been able to get into the hospital yet!!! I was fortunate enough to get a job as a supervising RN at a community clinic, so I advise all of you to go out on foot and walk in with resume in hand and ask everywhere if they have any positions available for RNs. Anyone have any advice for a 2yr RN with no hospital experience on how to get in the hospital? I have applied I think to almost every hospital in southern california, the prisons, out of state hospitals,...I mean everywhere and I keep getting the whole "experience is required!!" It's devastating to know that I went to school for my passion to help people and politics wont let me help people. How can I get experience if nobody is willing to give it to me? Most experienced nurses say that experience trumps everything but I think it's a shame that as a profession we don't support our future nurses which are the future of nursing....I'm currently getting my master in Nurse-Midwifery and I hope that I don't get the cold shoulder so intensely in that community.
    Best of luck to us all
  4. by   Lifeofanurse
    I'm a new LVN grad. I'm currently looking for a job. ANY job. I feel like it is definitely who you know.

    Someone I know called me this morning...said can you come over today. Heck yeah!
    she had talked me up to the hiring manager...
    so I have 2nd interview tomorrow after a "look and see" shift to see if #1 I think I can handle the unit being a new grad. #2 if I think it's a good fit for me..and if they think it's a good fit for them.
    Pray for me! I would love to work at this facility. It's not a hospital but a step heavy on skill use and good experience for my future. Really great hours and close to home too.
    It's ideal providing I can do it....and I think I can!
    Wish me luck!!!