New grad RN w/ first job interview tomorrow on Tele floor. Help!

  1. Hello everyone!

    My name is Vanessa and I'm a new grad, recently licensed RN and I have my very first hospital RN job interview tomorrow morning for a tele floor!!!! I didn't have the chance to work on a tele floor during nursing school so I have absolutely no experience. My question is, what kind of scenario based questions do you all think I should expect to have during my interview? I'm most concerned about the scenario questions specific to a tele floor. I'm not concerned with any of the general questions like "why do you want to work here?", "why did you want to become a nurse", "what are your strengths/weaknesses?" and etc. I would love any and all help! I just took an ACLS class today so I feel prepared if they ask my an EKG strip question at least! ;P Thank you in advance to anyone that can give me some examples or advice!

    Vanessa C. RN
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  3. by   cleback
    I worked on an IMC/Tele floor and was not asked a Tele question. You may be over thinking this. They probably won't expect you to know much about rhythms as a new grad. Most acute care facilities I know have new employees take a Tele class during orientation. Relax. You got this.
  4. by   Vanclemons
    Oh okay! Yeah, that makes me feel a whole lot better actually. Thank you for the response! I guess I am over thinking it huh? I'm wondering how much they really are going to focus on scenario based questions or not since I am a new grad.
  5. by   HouTx
    How did it go?
  6. by   Vanclemons
    It well so well!!!! The nurse manager who interviewed me said that the position I applied for wasn't technically available yet because he put in a request for 2 Staff Nurse I positions on his floor to his boss but was still waiting for approval so when he does get the approval he will hire 2 of the 5/6 new grads he interviewed, BUT at the end of my interview he said, "if I had the position available right now I would hire you on the spot, but I have to wait for approval" so I mean... I hope that means I got the position? Ha!
  7. by   Vanclemons
    I officially got the job!