New Grad Nurse, First Job Question

  1. Hello! After thousands of applications, I was offered a position (1 of 6) at Desert Valley Hospital. I was more than excited to jump for the offer when they told me they could train me in critical care. I just had a few questions. Anyone know the starting pay rate for a new grad in Victorville? Has anyone else been a new grad at this hospital?Are any of the other five who got picked to begin July 11th on this site?

    Happy Thursday!
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  3. by   PolaBar
    You should probably post this question in the state you work in. There's sections for states under U.S (Right side between Career and World). There may be others that have discussed it there.
  4. by   RN2bNicole1988
    Yea! I do the background check and everything the 9th at 9am ( i thought that was late since we begin orientation on the 11th). All i heard was that its a three year contract and from what I learned the pay begins at 26$ an hour?? I'm not sure!
  5. by   Krytlebug
    Hi, just curious if you started Desert Valley and how you like it. I just got accepted to their new grad program starting in Oct. Was the starting pay $26/hr? I meet with HR later this week, so don't have any details yet. I am excited either way...I graduated in January, so I am happy to have a job!
  6. by   RN2bNicole1988
    Hi! Welcome Yes and I am currently at DVH and I must say I do love it! The pay scale sucks.. $26.81 starting off..but that didn't matter to me.. I just wanted experience and a job I love. The preceptors I had were wonderful and I had a great experience on the MedSurge floor. The contract is 3 years I don't know if they told you that but this hospital stresses growth from within so you can always advance yourself to a different position within those 3 years.. Hope this helps!
  7. by   Krytlebug
    Thank you so much for the response! I, too, am less concerned about pay and more about getting experience and having a job I love. I am thankful for the job and excited to start! I did know about the contract and I am fine with that. As my husband says, at least I know I'll have a job for 3 years. I am happy to hear you like DVH and maybe I'll see you there.
  8. by   Krytlebug
    Also, just curious, is it straight time for the full 12 hours?? Thanks!
  9. by   RN2bNicole1988
    I'm not sure what unit you will be on, but when you first begin its 2- 12 hour shifts with your preceptor, one 8 hour shift with either a CNA, RT, PT, Resource Nurse, etc and one 4 hour shift thats a class with the other residency nurse. good luck! I'll be in ICU if you ever have any questions!
  10. by   Krytlebug
    Thanks for all the info!! I appreciate it!! I will be starting in Med/Surg from what I've been told, but maybe I'll stop by the ICU.
  11. by   mestrela
    How long did it take you to get started? I was given a verbal offer of employment the week of Thanksgiving for their January start date but have not received any written offer. I found out from HR that there is no financial approval yet (??) Do you nurses know anything about what is going on or if this is similar to what happened to you?
  12. by   Krytlebug
    Mestrela,From what I heard, there were several new grads hired recently and then our corporate office told the director that she couldn't hire any new grads at this time. Maybe that is the "financial approval" HR told you about. I heard it had to do with hiring experienced nurses instead of new grads, but that may not have been true. Have they given you a start date yet? If I were you, I would keep looking just in case. When I got hired, I started within 2-3 weeks. Sorry.