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  1. HI! I'm a soon to be new grad who already has two interviews lined up for next week. Does anyone have any interview tips or good questions that I could ask during my interviews? The interviews are in the emergency department and ICU of a children's hospital. I am so nervous! I was a stay at home mom before nursing school and I can't even remember the last interview I went on. I'm beginning to feel overwhelmed! I would appreciate any tips or questions. I want to make a good, latsing impression. Thanks so much!!!!!

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  3. by   MNmom3boys
    Hi! Just had my first interview last Friday - similar situation, so understand your concerns, excitement, etc. I spent a few hours on here reading through similar posts, and then reviewing the website (job description, mission statement, etc.) of the hospital I was applying to. There is a long post that is stickied at the top of the Careers page that has many good websites and other advice in them.

    I guess my two biggest pieces of advice are: You sucessfully made it through school while juggling kids and other responsibilites. Be proud of that, and remember that was a valuable life experience that you will continue to draw on through the interview and your new job! Secondly, remember to send a thank-you note to the interviewer(s) - it is a second chance to create a good impression.

    Good-luck to you, and I hope all goes well!
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  4. by   llg
    I would definitely ask for details about their orientation program for new grads and also ask how many new grads they hire each year (and how many of those succeed in orientation and remain in their jobs for the full first year.)

    I strongly recommend avoiding any place that doesn't hire new grads on a regular basis unless you have relevant experience that will give you a "leg up" in your transition from student to staff nurse. You'll want to be working where they will understand your needs as a new grad and will be prepared to meet those needs.
  5. by   AprilRNhere
    Ask about nurse/pt ratio, and their orientation process.

    Be prepared to answer what your goals are in the next 5 years. They want to know you're not just trying to get in your "first year experience" and will bail after that.

    A frequently asked question is to describe yourself using 1 or 3 words. Be prepared. Sit tall, and do not cross your arms.

    Both of those departments are areas of specialty. What do you have to bring to the table for them? Are you a quick thinker? Detail oriented etc.. Let them know.

    Good luck! Smile..and be confident...or at least act it!
  6. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    You might consider searching the PICU forum for similar threads. There have been a few and the answers there are pretty helpful.
  7. by   luvmyscrubs
    These are AWESOME suggestions. Many thanks to everyone!!!! You guys are wonderful!