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Hello To all nurses or on the way to becoming one! First I would like to say thank you to who have posted or have replied to posting on this web site. Everyone has been supportive with great advice... Read More

  1. by   HM2VikingRN
    Its too darn expensive to not work and develop people over time. I know that my hospital is in the process of setting up a 1 year residency program because they know through the research that it takes at least a year to develop a safe competent practitioner. (Something like 56% of new grads need additional training to be safe practitioners.)

    It is extremely expensive to hire someone. If an individual isn't a good fit for a department they should be given a clean state and a "mulligan."
  2. by   msmona
    Thank you for sharing one of your most humiliating and degrading moments of your lives. These posts have given me enough encouragement to keep trying-WE ARE NOT ALONE. I do think that at least both sides of the story ought to be heard or none of the story. I have noticed more hospitals are instituting internships. Unfortunatly, none of them are in my area. I'm not letting this experience burn me on nursing but am pretty well burnt out on floor nursing- for now at least.
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