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Hi everyone, I'm a new "baby" nurse graduated may, took boards in July started about 2 weeks ago in an "internship" program. The past 2 weeks have been a little rough and I'm already feeling... Read More

  1. by   healer27
    Hi Cymbals,

    Yeah, I think your right. This week was a little better. Now that I've been with her another couple days I think the issue is that she/we have 5/6 pts and if not that then she is charge nurse with pts and if not that she is always helping others. Which is very nice BUT it makes it difficult for me to "catch" up to her with my questions during the day. I DO see that the other nurse ARE warming up to me. At least two of them have said if you need anything you can ask me as well etc.. And in the mornings most say hello to me now which is really nice so at least I think I've WON some people over by just keeping a "smile" on my face even though at times I've wanted to run crying or screaming off the floor. I try to tell myself that the best thing I can do is keep positive and KEEP CALM. Nothing is helped when you work yourself up in a tizzy I've found which is so easy to do. Yesterday the head of the internship program came to meet with me to ask how things were going and to tell me that it would be good if I could try to get to 3 pts. in the next 2 weeks. YIKES -- I handled 2 no problem yesterday; so I might get brave and take 3 on friday we'll see.

    Well, hang in there thanks for the encouragement - hope things are getting better for you.
  2. by   all4schwa
    i just started my second of three rotations in my internship. the first rotation was 7a-3p on oncology. i thought my preceptor would be workable and it ended up getting worse by the day. when i had two days left, i ended up calling my educator and telling her (truthfully), that since this was such a big hospital and i have so many varied interests, i would love to be able to get in somewhere to shadow the last two days before my next rotation. she got me into the icu (which was fantastic) for twelve hrs the next day and told me i could then just take friday sat and sun off and start my new rotation (ortho) on monday night 7p-7a (a better shift for me). worked out great for me!

    i started ortho monday night and it was great. my preceptor is great, and i think i'm going to like this floor a lot!

    take the three pts, you'll be fine...
  3. by   all4schwa
    even if you have to fake it, remain confident. funny how faking it soon turns into feeling it!!
  4. by   suzy253
    I'm in new grad as well. Had 6 weeks of hospital orientation and then another 4 on the floor I'm working on. I chose this floor b/c when I was a student there I met this wonderful nurse who taught me so much. Was able to precept with him and he is the best of all preceptors. I have been with other nurses on his day's off and let me tell you....some ppl should NOT be allowed to precept. Immediately Bill let me run the show on the mod b/c he felt confident in me but you better believe he was watching my every move. He's a wonderful instructor...having the perfect preceptor means a lot!
    Now I'm on my 3-11 shift and 1st time there I was on my own. I was shaking in my boots (or sneakers as the case may be). Different shift, different ppl, personalities, etc. I feel so down right now. I don't know why...can't quite pinpoint the feeling other than sheer terror??? I'm worried about what happens if something goes wrong with one of my patients (I have usually 5-6) but keep telling myself and others reassuring me that you are never alone. I've very very hard on myself...always have been and can be my own worst enemy. I'm learning stuff every single day...just waiting for the confidence to set in.
    Keep in touch!