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  1. First I should start out by saying I am new here, and was curious to get outside advice.
    I have gone back and forth with nursing since I graduated high school. Meaning that I got accepted the first year but ended up moving and so I didn't go, then I got put on the waiting list and didn't get called so I got a full time job I worked there for a year and got married and had a baby. Now I have started nursing again, I am taking A&P 2 and have an A in the class by some miracle!!! Let me say that between all this time there has been a few times I have decided I don't want to be a nurse, I don't know why it seems after I started the A&P class before (I have taken it a few times but dropped out b/c I thought I didn't want to do nursing) I would go half way and think there is no way I can do this. So now I am doing really well in A&P and have the confidence. I have also worked in a hospital in the NICU as a PCA and loved it, yes it was really trying at times but I would definatley do it again. So my question is has anyone else felt like this at times or did everyone just pursue it and never look back? Does this make sense?
    My husband and I live with his parents and I guess I feel like I want our own place so bad that sometimes I think I can just go back to being an insurance agent and make money and then we can get our own place. But then I think is that what I really want to do for the rest of my life? I hated sitting at a desk behind a computer and staring at the clock. I love learning about the medical field and loved going to c-sections when I worked in the NICU. So can anyone tell me what they think, everytime I have quit trying to do nursing I have regretted it. I guess I just really need a little support that the next 2 years will go by so fast and I will have forever to have my own house.
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  3. by   Mommy TeleRN
    welcome! I have done I think 37 hours of gen ed and am a first year nursing student. It has gone by so fast I don't even think I've had time to question my decision! LOL

    I know it's hard to sacrifice NOW for later. But I truly feel it is good for us to learn delayed gratification. I have talked a lot with my DH about this... if we can just make it now we will have solid financial ground for a long time to come. We will be able to afford a lot more things than we have been able to in 10 years of marriage. I look at my kids and want to do for them. Not make them spoiled little brats... but give them a nice yard, some new clothes/toys, take them on vacations. Mainly I want our family to be able to go and enjoy life without all the financial burdens.

    This semester is almost over already and it has FLOWN by! When it gets rough I just tell myself "only 18 more months..I can do this just 18 more months" and I know I would DEEPLY regret quitting for any reason. You know even if I DESPISE nursing (and so far I enjoy it) there are sooo many career paths with this job that you can find your niche.

    It really will fly by and you'll be so relieved you stuck it out! Now granted if it's not what you think you WANT...don't waste 2 good years of your life. But if it's what you want, go for it and don't give yourself time to look back.
  4. by   KatieBell
    I am an experienced RN, and there are days when I say- what was I thinking? I've heard a nurse with 20 years of experience say, "why did I sign upfor this, even that cute cap wasn't worth it." It goes with the territory in nursing, and I guess most career areas.
  5. by   ZASHAGALKA
    Let me paraphrase Ecclesiastes: everything under the sun has been done again and again. That being the case, the secret to happiness is 1. Praising God, 2. Finding a mate that makes you happy, and 3. Finding a job that makes you happy.

    Would you trade your husband for one that has his own house now? Then why would you give up on a career for the same reasons?

    There are so many ways to be a nurse. Get your license and then find the niche that fulfills you. I'd never trade a job I could love for one I hate for mere dollars. There is so much more to working than how much you make. And, as you have stated, you have experience to know that this could be the career for you!

    My advice: 1. Count your blessing. 2. Kiss your child 3. Kiss your husband 4. Stay on the path you already know you were meant to take. Nursing may make you cry, it may test you to the limits, but in the end, if you have any regrets, it will be if you decide not to take this path, this opportunity..

    Anything worth having is worth finding the fortitude to measure up to its worth.

    Good luck. Study hard. Oh and never look back at a job you know you hate. It's just wouldn't be worth it.

  6. by   selene07sparkle
    Hello! can you give me advice to cope up with my studies... because
    I'm having a hard time especially in health care subject...