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  1. Hi everyone...just thought I'd post here because I absolutely love these forums and all of the encouragement and advice that come from them!!

    I graduated with my ADN this past May 2011. I just took the Nclex-RN on Aug. 4th and 2 days ago found out I passed....I'm OFFICIALLY an RN! Even though I am so excited and I feel so relieved....I already see myself starting to stress about finding a job. I DON'T have experience as a CNA/PCT/UAP OR LPN, which I know will only make getting a job THAT much harder. I live in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago and there are plenty of job openings around me posted on sites such as monster, career builder, and the websites of specific hospitals & nursing homes.

    I'm wondering if anyone has any advice for me as I am beginning my search.....I don't want to just be "another online applicant" to all of these hospitals. Is there anything I can do to REALLY increase my chances of getting an interview? Also, how do I go about answering questions confidently despite my lack of experience in the healthcare field?

    I would really appreciate ANY help, advice, or ideas for getting noticed, getting an interview, and eventually getting a job.

    Thank you all SO MUCH!
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  3. by   nerkeynurse
    I have the same background as you! ADN, graduated in MAy and absolutely ZERO healthcare experience, other than NS. I applied for ev-er-y-thing that was listed on all of the hospital/ healthcare system websites in my area. I also internet searched nursing homes in my area (not sure if you're interested in LTC or not) and made a list of names of the facilities, phone numbers, and addresses. I called all of the hospitals that I'd appled to to check up on my application and called all of the LTC facilities on my list, asked if they were hiring RNs or accepting applications and if they said yes, i let them know I'd be on my way over toapply and did just that. I think I filled out maybe 75 apps, had 3 interviews (2 LTC and 1 hospital) and was offered 2 jobs. I took the hospital job. It's med/surg and I started today. That's just my story, I hope it helps!
    Good luck in everything!!
  4. by   jessRN6896
    Wow, thank you so much...and congratulations!! Do you have any tips pertaining to making my resume stand out? Did you include you nursing school clinicals on your resume because of the lack of employment in the healthcare field?
  5. by   marcos9999
    I think is a matter of luck, who you are, who you know, your internal drive and an assortment of other fun things, what will lend you a job as a new grad nurse at this moment. At the end of the day however, we can call a game of "who has the most stamina to remain standing till the end" eventually the game will change and they might be desperate for nurses again as it was before 08. This recession however is nothing that anyone has seen so brace yourself for a long, long time to come. Keep you eyes and ears very open because there are major changes happening in health care as you read this, so it means that the traditional way to become a nurse might change forever, at the worst we'll have to learn and live with uncertainty, and at best we might have different opportunities. So don't be hard on yourself, breathe, take advantage of this time and make it work for you. I know the income issue is a problem but we might have to learn to live very simple right now. I know a nurse that graduated in one of these years past when there were no jobs at all. Years later after she found a job she begun to receive offers of resumes she has sent years ago. Just hang in there and be positive, remember, no one can substitute a nurse but another nurse.

    Good luck!!!!
  6. by   nerkeynurse
    Sorry the delay in response, it's been a crazy week! under my "Summary of qualifications" part on my resume, I included:
    -Successfully completed several clinical experiences at various hospitals in the area, including rotation on psychiatric, labor and delivery, pediatrics, medical-surgical, and step down units.
    - During these clinical rotations I have competently passed medications, and assisted in or performed several other essential nursing tasks.
    - 88 hours of precepting completed at ************** on the rehabilitation unit.

    I'm no expert, that's just what I put on mine!