my classmates' report of NCLEX

  1. I don't test until the 29th. I'm studying, reviewing labs and some meds and doing about 150 questions a day (from my review books).

    My classmates are starting to get their results and I've heard that they've had many, many questions on prioritizing. After report, which of these 4 patients do you assess first, etc.

    My school only started throwing those questions in the last couple of weeks of classes. I struggled with them. Have to hope my critical thinking skills are sharp enough.
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  3. by   teelaticeNY
    I am in the same boat your in. I am graduating in Dec 04 from the RN program but I am challenging the LPN boards in July(hopefully I will pass), for more money right now. Spoke with a couple of people who recently took the PN exam and they say they had a lot of prioritzation questions, infection control, and a lot people had cancer (although I know every test is different) .I have been studying but I don't feel like my priority skills are as good as they should be because my school hasn't stressed it as much as they should. But hopefully with the knowledge we have recieved we will be O.k.Good luck
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  4. by   zambezi
    I also had alot of prioritization questions when I took the NCLEX two years ago. Just keep in mind your ABCs. Anything that compromises airway first is your first answer...then breathing, circulation...Just think about the question and pathophysiology which leads to impairment of ABCs first. Another thing is to read the question carefully. It is usually asking for an assessment, a diagnosis, an intervention, plan/goal, and evaluation...if the question is asking for an assessment choose the answer that is an assessment, etc.
    Calling the doctor is almost never the night answer, because there are nursing assessments, plans, and interventions that you can do first. Just my two cents!!
  5. by   suzanne4
    There have also been many questions on disaster priorities. There is a link to a site on this forum, I believe that it is Many questions now on the NCLEX exams with priority coming in first. I suggest that you look at the review questions in the books and understand why the incorrect answers would be wrong as well as just looking at the correct answer.

    Good luck on your exams.............
  6. by   ADNCyn
    Good Luck!!! Common sense goes a long way. I had a lot of Prioritizing and Disaster Drills, loads of Med-Surg, and Pedi, no math, and 1 check all that apply. I passed with 263 questions(Odd, I know)...I am now an RN 06/17/04.
  7. by   IowaCindy
    I was working my way through today's selection of questions when I dozed off, woke up an hour later with a mark on my hand from leaning on it. :chuckle

    It was such a perfect day here in Iowa, it was very hard to stay focused on doing anything too serious.
  8. by   J Lynn
    I definitly had alot of priority questions.
    Good luck on yours, don't stress out too much, and stick to one book to study from 'cause that will drive you crazy too.
  9. by   rainbows4me
    Quote from J Lynn
    I definitly had alot of priority questions.
    Good luck on yours, don't stress out too much, and stick to one book to study from 'cause that will drive you crazy too.
    I agree to using only one book to study from... but use questions from as many disks as you can get your hands on!! (I traded with friends.. and I've *heard* that some people burn copies and give them to each other!! - not that I would ever recommend that )