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Hi there, I'm a relatively new grad and have a target date of Sept 18 to be off orientation on a busy medical/tele floor in a big city hospital. I've had a few different preceptors due to... Read More

  1. by   MimismomRN
    Hey guys, i just had to add to all this good advice. I too am a new nurse working in med surg (LVN) for nine months now. I feel like giving up some days. I have 11 patients normally but sometimes as many as 14. I am on team nursing RN/LVN/Nurse Tech and it is overwhelming even though I do not do the assessments. The accuchecks alone (some days 8 patients on insulin) keep me running. I am trying to stick it out for at least a year to get the needed experience. I am also finishing my last prereqs to go into the RN program (at 49 can you believe it!!). My daughter is in the RN program now. I did not think I could do it, but it I can do it you can too!! And I realize that my time management and skills get better each day I do it. I feel like if I can handle this stressful med/surg environment I can do anything after this. Even with this unrealistic patient ratio. I am going to print out all the advice I have read here, because it is so helpful. Thank you to all for sharing. This new nurse rookie really appreciates you all. You are all my heros. Sincerely, new LVN in med/surg in California
  2. by   soulsearcher
    Hi I just read your post and decided to say: I am in the same boat! I am on a tele floor in a big city hospital too and about to come to the end of orientation. I am pretty uneasy about this and I have heard so many others have felt this same way when they were in my shoes-one nurse of 2 years said that she felt nauseated before every shift. It is so hard sometimes to multi-task a million things at once. Hang in there! and just so you know, you are not alone f/soulsearcher
  3. by   jrowmom
    Yep! Sounds like a typical m/s day. And they wonder why there is a shortage??? I still feel that way practically every day but, in my opinion, it is actually easier, in a way, on your own, because you work at YOUR pace and you don't have to wonder exactly what your preceptor did and what you have to do. To me it is a lot less confusing because you are not backtracking so much. hopefully you will feel the same.