LPN Salaries 2009 - What's competitive?

  1. Hi, I am a newly graduated LPN, currently looking for a job in Massachusetts. Can anyone provide any baseline salary info for comparison during my job search?

    What is a competitive salary for an LPN in a hospital?
    What is the starting salary for a new-grad LPN in a hospital?
    What is a generic job description for an LPN in a hospital?

    I know that LTC generally pays more, but I would eventually like to get my MSN and specialize in Pedi, possibly working in Labor & Delivery... so LTC wouldn't really provide much relevant experience

    But.. what is a competitive salary for LTC?
    Where would an LPN make the most $$?

    Thanks for any info
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  3. by   MisMatch
    Possibly the first question is whether they hire LPN's in the hospitals in your area. I'm a LPN in south-central PA, and I don't believe any of the hospitals in this area hire LPN's at this time.
  4. by   Pixie.RN
    Try salary.com -- it usually can give you an estimate based on your zip code.
  5. by   Nurse Blondie
    Hi, Thanks for your responses. I will try Salary.com. Many of the hospitals "say" they don't hire LPNs, but they do. There are postings for jobs online in several area hospitals. I think it helps too, if you can somehow get your foot in the door first.
  6. by   changeofpaceRN
    I'm not in MA but I do know your best bet for the best pay would probably be in LTC. Around here in FL, new LPN's start out making about 15-16 per hour in my area. The same LPN in the hospital is making 13-14. This is for the 7-3 shift. I was making 19/hr with shift diff as an 11-7 LPN back when I did that. Starting rate was 15 but I had the "weekend contract" added onto my shift diff. After a year of nursing, I went PRN to make 22/hr at the neighboring facility.