Love nursing, hate the hospital setting!

  1. I graduate next month. I dread every day of clinicals because they are at hospitals that aren't that great in my opinion. The workers there are not understanding or helpful and I know they will "eat their young". Everyone acts like they were born nurses. I don't enjoy what I do there- I wonder how long it will take for me to find a place I like!
    It's not just one hospital, it's all 4 I have been to! I'm anxious and these places make me want to quit already. I know that sounds bad, I'm really NOT a quitter but I can't imagine hating my place of employment. I have no idea where anything is and I can't stand how I feel so stupid:angryfire I know with time experience will ease my fears but I hate the label we automatically get in the beginning of our career.

    Sorry I guess this was more of a vent looking for positive experiences... How are you all handeling your new experiences out in the real world? Anyone come home crying from being so frustrated?
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  3. by   JentheRN05
    Please see my post "I LOVE my job! A new twist to...."
  4. by   DDD
    You took the words right out of my mouth. They most often lack patience, hold one another in contempt, and act as if they were not once in your place. Oh yeah, I also come home hating clinicals because I feel so stupid.

    But it comes to this. This is a microcosm of the world. No matter the occupation, it is the same. Some, no, most, call me pessimistic. My reply? If you want to see the truth, be prepared to discover misery. Reality is pessimistic. Every occupation is not what you think it is. Work is called work for a reason. And we are paid for a reason. And paid well for an even more obvious stinks. And I'm OK with that. I work for my family first. I became a nurse to provide for them.

    Don't quit because there is no where to turn. Teachers (which I once was) fill our heads with nonsense from day one. And the ivory tower of collegiate academia perpetuates this. There is no pot of Gold under ANY rainbow. And your identity and purpose IS NOT synonymous with your occupation. You were not meant to enjoy work. How many people do you know love there job? If anyone were to plot this, statistics was scream that occupations are "fun".
  5. by   Paleobug
    One good thing about clinicals is that you can find out which hospitals you don't want to work at. I did my clinicals at many of my town's hospitals. I know basically which ones or floors I would never work at. The hospitlal that I work now seems very supported of it's staff and they don't tolerate any staff members "eating the young" so to speak.