Leaving bedside nursing after just 18 months for a desk position

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I have a very difficult decision to make and was hoping for some insight on the whole situation. I have 18 months bedside nursing experience and that's between two jobs, the second job having just come off ICU orientation last month. I'm getting by with the workload and have my moments from time to time where I feel like I've come a long way and have learned a great deal, but working nights and the scheduling situation has me forever down. I am married, no kids yet, and am tired of leaving my husband alone most nights. I barely see my friends and family and lately am known to just complain over and over about the schedule to anyone I meet up with. Recently, I was offered a desk job in the facility where I worked my first job. The schedule is monday-friday 8-4:30, no weekends, no holidays, great pay and great vacation. I am so tempted to take this position but feel an overwhelming sense of guilt for leaving my current job after not even a year of service and the extensive orientation they provided me with and fear that I might be burning my bridges should I ever want to return to bedside (once i have kids). Leaving this current job after only 8 months makes me feel like I cant use the job on my resume. Is that true? Am I wrong to want to leave bedside nursing at this time for reasons having to do with scheduling?
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  3. by   auduscrey
    why dont you try staying on prn at the current job and accepting the position you want. you may want to find out what the prn requirements are before making a decision though. some places may require at least 16hrs per month
  4. by   angelicious05
    You have to do what feels best. If you feel like youre not seeing your loved ones and especially your husband enough AND youre tempted to take the other job, do it. Its probably not meant to be. If you stay your heart wont be in it, there might be someone else who would be hired who really needs a job and can't find one elsewhere..
  5. by   mystory
    I think it says a lot of positive things about your character that you feel loyal to your employer and guilty for leaving after they provided a residency for you. However, I agree with angelicious that you have to do what's better for you. Because in the end, the hospital is going to do what is best for them, whether or not it is in your best interest. It sounds like your new job, if you accept, will give you a better schedule, and more balance in your life and an improved quality of life. Go for it! Best wishes.