Just took my boards...

  1. Hi all,
    I just got home from taking my NCLEX-RN and boy was it hard. I feel horrible right now. The computer shut off at 75 questions and I feel like I knew nothing about any of the subjects I tested on. The first thought that came to my mind after the computer shut off was "I failed!" In fact, I actually said it out loud on accident. I feel like I got every question wrong. All of my peers and colleagues (sp?) at work swore I'd do okay, but I just don't feel confident right now. On top of this test, I had a lot of drama last night with my ex-boyfriend and didn't get to bed until almost midnight and my test was at 0900 and I had to leave the house at 0730 just to get there on time. Either way, what's done is done and I'll just have to study harder next time.
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  3. by   andi2634
    Hi- I just took mine today also and I feel the same way- my test also shut off at 75. I keep telling myself that this is a really good sign- but I don't know how I'm going to make it to Friday to find out! I know my family and friends mean well, but if I hear one more time that they just know I passed I'm going to scream! I wish I hadn't told anyone that I was taking it today. I'm just going to try and stay as busy as I can for the next 2 days and try not to think about it.
  4. by   shelleybelle
    My test is coming up in the next few weeks - and I'll be here posting the same things you are. I know it's difficult, but please try to thinking positive. Good luck to you both... STAY BUSY!
  5. by   jessjoy
    Good luck to you all. I just took mine on Monday and got the unofficial results today that I passed. I have no idea how that happened. I felt like I didn't know one single question. the only thing that kept me positive was that I got 75 questions. I had to work the day after and everyone and their brother asked me how it went. I wanted to strangle someone!!!! Keep us posted on how things went. Jess
  6. by   Ahhphoey
    Thanks for the encouragement guys.
    Andi, I;ll be praying and keeping my fingers crossed for the both of us.
  7. by   dsczephyr
    You know, just about everyone thinks they failed this test when they walk out of it. Everyone I know who has taken it has talked about how hard they thought it was. And yet, the very vast majority learned they passed the test. I only know of one person who had to take the test three times before passing it, she did the Kaplan course and passed it the third time around - and went right to work in a major transplant floor. I was in awe of the kind of nurse she became, the kind I would like to be.

    What I am saying is this: you probably did pass it. If you didn't this time, you will next time and you will be an awesome nurse. Try to not be so hard on yourself. You'll get there.
  8. by   DawgsMom
    I totally agree with the above posting. I walked out of the testing center thinking to myself, "What the heck just happened? Did I completely bomb the test or did I ace it?" Of course, I convinced myself that I completely bombed it! Luckily, two days later I found out that I did pass!
  9. by   itsnowbegun
    i just took boards today as well..and i dont know what to make out of it. my test seemed to be easy... i studied my butt off as well as prayed...and i dont know if God just blessed me with an easy exam..or i got all of my easy ones wrong and failed the test! my test stopped at 75 as well... my first reaction was like 'NO< DONT CUT OFF, i am not finish proving myself' 'where is the hard questions everyone talks about' so i have to wait until 4 days to find out... i'll keep you posted!