Job market for new Grad

  1. Hi, I think this might be a good place to ask for questions like this. Most people here are new Grads and they know job markets best.

    So what are the job market for new Grads like now? Is that everybody can find a job as long as they are willing to go night shift, different areas?
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  3. by   meownsmile
    Pretty much anyone who graduates can find a position in nursing. There are some areas of the country where the market is not quite as open as others but i still think the jobs are out there too.
    If you want to work in a hospital, try finding a job as a nurse tech/CNA while you are in school and you will probly be hired in at that facility when you graduate. But hospitals do like people to have some type of experience. Just dont forget to put your clinical experience on your resume. Its considered experience.
  4. by   ParalyzeDragon
    I went to 3 interviews so in the Trauma ICU and NICU at one hospital...and one for the ER in another hospital. I was offered a job in TICU and NICU the very same day. I met the staff and walked through the respective units. No question about it the TICU grabbed me right away. So that is where I will be working when I graduate in December!!! I have to work nights but that is n problem because I really want to work in the TICU as first choice!