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  1. Hi all! Quick question, I am interviewing for my first nursing job here in the next couple of weeks, but I don't want to accept any offers just yet as I want to see what each unit/hospital is like. What is a polite way to say I will consider the job after I have all of my interviews??

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  3. by   cuddlebug
    First- Ask around, nurses who work in hospitals are usually really honest about the dynamics of each floor. If you haven't started-get to it. I have heard of graduate nurses not getting employed until 1 year after they graduate. Be thankful and do your homework before you apply. But sounds too late for that so find out what you can. I am handing in resumes and applications now in the Northern California area. I am a new graduate nurse & have passed the NCLEX. Wished I would've started this before I graduate.
  4. by   peds4now
    Wait until you are offered a job, then tell them you are very interested but need to consider your options. You can speak to the recruiter and find out when they would need you to actually fill out papers.

    I interviewed early somewhere, was offered a job, then got cold feet because it was my first interview. I accepted the job, but then found out I won't sign papers until late May. So you should be able to take some time and look around, but do't lose an offer if you get one!
  5. by   november17
    I just had my first interview this afternoon, and the person I interviewed with was really cool about me exploring my options. She was very helpful in giving me the facts about their organization and the rundown so I could compare with other facilities. She told me that if I wanted to pursue a job with them to drop her an email and we can get everything set up.