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I have been a nurse for almost one year- I just had a major med error this morning- I gave the wrong insulin to a patient...I gave him 32 units instead of 18- my heart sunk and I have had that... Read More

  1. by   GermPhobe
    We have a really inane insulin policy. We have to have two sets of eyeballs on the syringe before we inject. It's a "Yup, that's 5 units," type of thing. The problem is, the second RN doesn't check the order or the pt's blood glucose level. Consequently, she has no idea whether 5 units is, in fact, the right dose! PLUS, you have to leave the patient's room to get a double-check. I maintain that I'm MORE likely to make an error, because I can walk back into the wrong room, and inject the wrong patient.

    I'm seriously thinking of asking my supervisor if I can do my own double-checks--under the honor system.