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...that I would have to worry about someone stealing my stethoscope!!! I worked at another campus of my hospital (same unit, ICU) a couple of weeks ago and put my stethoscope on the counter where I... Read More

  1. by   Ruby Vee
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    we have a doctor at my hospital who never brings a stethoscope (he wears a suit and i think he thinks he wouldn't be stylish). he always asks to borrow ours and it's quite annoying because i stand around for a few minutes to make sure i get it back and it holds up my time. but what am i gonna say.. "no?"

    definitely clean the earpieces because i've heard stories of nurse winding up with mrsa in their ears!
    [font="comic sans ms"]i say "no." usually i soften it with "i'm prone to ear infections" and offer to get them the yellow fisher-price isolation scopes. if they throw a fit (and some do) that's not my problem. i've never lost one (because i never let anyone else use mine, including my dh!) but i know people who have lost several. i used to work with this woman who bought 3 littman cardiology scopes in one year!