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I took boards in April, and I started on my unit in June. I got off orientation in Sept. I think I'm doing ok for the most part, still really stressed about almost everything though. About a month... Read More

  1. by   nursejohio
    Hang on a sec folks... I didn't mean to stir the pot. The best preceptor I had was one of the oldest on the unit, been there almost 25 years. I love working with older nurses, they have knowledge and experience I can only be so lucky as to get. I'm open to any suggestion the more experienced nurses can give me, because I know they've probably done it all several times over. That being said, I've encountered a few who can't remember what it was like to be new and terrified of making a mistake that will hurt a patient.

    I suppose I should have phrased it differently. Maybe just "a mean nurse who criticized everything I did while I was precepting with her" would have been better? She'd fuss at me to do things one way, and when I'd do it like that the next day, she'd fuss and say I should have done it the way I did the day before :angryfire

    Again, sorry to get everyone riled up
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    Quote from Marie_LPN
    Sorry that's not a reason. It's an excuse to use it. It does NOTHING to help or solve the problem, if anything, it makes it worse, by dismissing bad behavior, REGARLESS of age or experience.

    Someone can have care and concern about this pathetic phrase w/o being a person that it's directed at.
    It is a pretty graphic expression, come to think of it!

    Peace in the New Year.