I feel so unwanted

  1. So i had passed boards, but now what?? no one wants to hire me or even give me an interview

    I am so disappointed! I am currently working in a hospital as a aid and it is so upsetting that my hospital dont wanna hire me I am on the float team and have been to every single med surg/ER/ICU units in my hospital and yet no one wanna give me a job. I am a good worker.. never have any warnings or write ups, always been to work on time I was only late by 1 minute once since i started, and had only had 3 call-ins in the pass nine months. So why arn't anyone giving me at least an interview??

    I have applied to every single job out there. I called SNF and clinics and they said they are not hiring but i insisted on turning in my resume anyway. I applied to all the surrounding hospitals within 100miles from my home and still havent land an intereview yet.

    I am even starting my RN-BSN in august and no one cares.. i hope i get a job before i complete my BSN since i only have 26 units to take.
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  3. by   MPKH
    If it is feasible for you to do so, try finding a job in small towns and rural areas. They may have more nursing jobs open than big urban areas. Maybe try tweaking your resume and cover letter too?
  4. by   NeoPediRN
    No offense but 3 call outs in 9 months is a lot.
  5. by   hopefullnurse22
    what state are you living in?
  6. by   3xmom
    I have to agree with NeoPediRN..........3 callouts in 9 months is quite a bit. My last job I was there for 5 years and only had 2 call outs and one of those was for a funeral of a good family friend. I'm not part of the younger generation that feels sick time is there to use just because you have it, I was taught that it is there if you NEED it.
  7. by   mstacyi
    I lived in Cali and wow 3 callouts in 9 months is alot? i went through nursing school and worked a fulltime job during that 9 months. the call outs was because i developed a stomach ulcer and had to go to ER to get my fix of pain meds there were death in the family and i didnt take time off for that because i feared i would get a bad rap for trying to take time off.

    I took a fulltime job to get my foot in the door of my hospital but guess that didnt help me either.

    however, i am being a bit impatient i have only gotten my RN for almost 2 weeks. I am just discouraged because i already work in a hospital.
  8. by   mstacyi
    @ Diffindo_lumos. Yes i have applied to all the surrounding cities which is much much smaller then my city. tonight i applied to major cities which is SF and LA. so we'll see what happens.. Thanks.
  9. by   not.done.yet
    Look over your resume really well. Your grammar in your posts here is pretty bad. Hopefully you have represented yourself on your resume and cover letters better than what you have posted here.

    Best of luck.
  10. by   mstacyi
    Ok I will. Thanks!