I don't think I passed

  1. I just took the nclex this morning and it shut off at 75, however I don't feel to confident that I passed. A lot of my classmates who have taken it have passed but there test shut off after 75 questions. I feel that I was so far below avergage that there was no need for it to continue. Now I am having problems coping and the stess is really getting to me. I don't know what to do. Oh Yeah! what is the website to see if you passed the nclex in Florida. I need to know to help me with the anxiety.
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  3. by   rachelaleanRN2B
    Take a deep breath. I haven't taken boards yet, but I can imagine how you feel. You have gone through nursing school and 75 is a good number. You know more than what you think you know. Hang in there, it will be over in a couple of days. I'll be praying for you.

  4. by   MelissaRN
    I went through this last year when I took the NCLEX. The computer had shut off after 75 questions and at first I was excited, then looking up some of the answers and seeing that I got them wrong I got panicky. I did pass the test though! I know it's easier said than done about stressing about it, but you'll know soon whether or not you passed.
  5. by   PCGrad06
    i was told the more questions the worse you did. because they keep asking you questions dealing with the same area until you reach a certain score or run out of questions. so if yours quit at 75 and what i have been told is true then you did fine. keep us posted.