I am going crazy

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    I am going crazy!! All I have been doing since I took the boards has been obsessing. Indiana does the quick results, so I should be able to access my results on Friday. However, I have been trying to look early. On the section where the stauts of my test is located : it has been saying ON HOLD. What exactly does ON HOLD mean. Anyone that can ease my mind would be great, because I am losing my mind. Plus I have to work tomorrow,so I would like to know before I went to work. Thank you all!
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  3. by   jnette
    Don't dwell... think positive thoughts and go about your business as usual. Dwelling on this will only put a real weight on your daliey activities and cause you to lose focus and concentration... not good.

    "on hold" may mean nothing more than they haven't got your results yet, or haven't posted them.

    HANG IN THERE !!! :kiss
  4. by   pcat
    From my understanding, and maybe this is just in Ky, the test is graded twice. I dunno, tho. Gosh, I am doing the same thing, tho! I keep peeping just in case it is up early! We're going to drive ourselves crazy!
  5. by   moninurse
    I've been wanting to do things as well to get my mind off of things, but I can't . It's like i have a cross on my shoulders that hasn't come off. I failed my first time and this time i think i did better but just the waiting is making me cringe. Im in NC , and we don't have a quick results here. It can take as long as four weeks?? does anyone know a different way of checking results???
  6. by   pcat
    Oh gosh, moninurse, 4 weeks?! I hope you passed!
  7. by   nclexhater
    on hold cannot mean that they haven't gotten your results yet. IT'S A COMPUTER AND AS SOON AS YOU SUBMIT YOUR LAST ANSWER, THE RESULTS ARE TRANSMITTED! On hold may mean that they had to "regrade" your test. Maybe you are so close to failing that they want to double check. And besides, quick results doesn't mean waiting until Friday. quick results should mean as soon as you got home from taking that dreadful nclex test.
  8. by   traumaRUs
    I took my boards in IN (1994) and that was the first year of the computerized testing. The proctor smiled at me as I left and said I had nothing to worry about and he was right. Deep breath in and out and good luck.