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Greetings, i found out i passed the NCLEX on july 29 and i am still not working. out of 5 hospitals i only got one call back, and that was last week... and even then they said they will call me... Read More

  1. by   ZeeRN
    I was an LPN while getting my RN degree. I attended a nursing job fair while still in school and secured an RN position at a Major teaching hospital so I just transitioned into a different type of nursing. All of my classmates are all employed as RN staff as well.
    I live in the Midwest though and there is a severe
    nursing shortage.
    Good Luck!
  2. by   itsnowbegun
    thank you all for responding to me.
    well i just had an interview today for a nrusing home. it was never my ideal job..but i dont mind geriatrics..and the pay is one of the lowest in the area....
    alot of the nurse managers are on vacation at this i have been trying to follow up... but there is no one to really follow up with except for the recruiters..who are waiting on the nurse mang. approval..

    i graduated from school in FL, and received my license in MA, so i didn't have the luxury of securing a position in a hospital before graduation...

    again thanks for your post....i shall keep you updated
  3. by   itsnowbegun
    guess what just happened? i just got a call from one of the top hospitals in the US.... i am soooooooooooooo excited, i have an interview next week.... wow!
  4. by   RN-PA
    When I graduated in '93, there weren't many hospital jobs available in the area where I live, and I applied to most all of them. You had to already have been an aide there or have your foot in the door some other way to get a GN position. I very much wanted to start out in Med/Surg (where I now work) in a hospital because everyone told us that's where we would learn the most.

    The only job I could get was in LTC, and as I look back on it, it was the best place for me to start my career. I learned how to delegate to CNA's, get along with co-workers and management, learned how to care for the residents (AND their families), and there were enough situations where I could sharpen my skills, learn prioritization, wound care, tube-feedings, meds, etc. I truly believe, based on my personality and lack of hands-on nursing knowledge, I would have been eaten alive if I'd started out in Med/Surg. The stress and pace would most likely have done me in It nearly did anyway, in spite of my 9 months at the LTC position. (And believe me, there were PLENTY of stresses in LTC; just different and not so constant as Med/Surg can be.)

    The LTC facility where I worked was affiliated with a hospital I was familiar with (had done my clinicals there), so I was able to then get a job on their Med/Surg unit when I got wind that a position was available. You may even find that you love LTC! All the best to you!
  5. by   nadia562002
    I found that or any of the other recruiters who call you were not helpful in securing a job at all. I got more accomplished by simply getting my resume out there and deciding where I want to go. I took the initiative to call people back. I got the perfect job I wanted and loving it now.
  6. by   canoehead
    Target one or two of your most desirable positions and call or write that nurse manager weekly. Don't bother with HR except to keep your application current. Ask for a re-interview every two months or so and show them you really mean it by signing up for CE's and bringing all that extra education with you to the interview. CPR, PALS, ACLS, CE's relating to your chosen specialty, and most of all volunteer work while you are looking for a job will mark you as someone who is a self starter and energetic.
  7. by   renerian
    Do not get to discouraged. I interviewed with 49 people over the course of two months at one hospital for a head nurse position. Was awful. Hospitals are notoriously SLOW as molasses........ I did get the job after all that and I start in September.

    Keep your chin up my friend,

  8. by   renerian
    NIce post canoehead.

  9. by   itsnowbegun
    thank you all for your advice....
    canoe head i am in the process of trying to find about how to register for classes within the speciality that i am trying to get...
    i will keep you updated....

    thanks everybody..i can't wait to say, 'yes i am a RN, but i am an employed RN as well'