How do I get started on an accelerated BSN?

  1. Well 1st I'd like 2 say hello 2 all since this is my first post. Hopin you can steer me in the right direction! so here goes....

    I'm tryin to get the prereqs out the way starting THIS FALL so i can apply to the 1yr accelerated BSN program at SUNY Downstate. any suggestions on where 2 go since they don't offer and what steps i need 2 take?

    alsoooooo...IF it is indeed 2 late 2 get into prereqs rite away, would it be a waste of time 2 pay for one of those 5wk CNA training programs (are there any free ones?) just so I can get the hospital setting experience? i'm in the nyc area just to give u guys an idea of schools that are around me....please help!
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  3. by   JTwin
    Are you taking the prerequisites at the same school? If not, make sure they will be accepted at SUNY. Most (all?) will require you be accepted to the school before applying to a specific college within it. If you're already in, you might want to contact an advisor from their nursing school and ask what else is required (immunizations, CPR certification, when to apply, how to apply, average GPA of those admitted, etc.). Good luck =)
  4. by   givingheart
    I am niot in the NY area, but I just completed an accelerated program in Cleveland, Ohio. It's a difficult road, but definitely doable. Where are you taking you pre-reqs? Try taking them at a community college. That way u can save money. Just make sure that they transfer over to SUNY. Good luck with school.
  5. by   Adria
    I would definetly talk to the college you are going to apply to first. Ask exactly what prereqs. you need -- different colleges have different requirements and although they are very similar you don't want to spend money on courses you won't need. Second, I would tell them where I am planning to take those prereqs to make sure they transfer. Most accelerated programs also fill up quickly so the sooner you apply the better. Call them and request to talk to a counselor or the person responsible for admissions in this program. Good luck!