HELP! Need advice resume advice to get an interview

  1. I just graduated from nursing school 3 weeks ago and a hospital I do agency with has a New Graduate program that is to start in october, I went to the HR department and the receptionist informed me that there was only eight positions left,I really would love to get hired by them, but I think my resume skills may be lagging due to the fact that I appliec to other hospitals and have not gotten one phone call. If anyone has some advice on how I could my resume noticed it will greatly be appreciated, where I live at we have to upload or copy and paste our resume's , not sure if trying to hand my resume in person would be wise either.
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  3. by   MaryChristmas
    I suggest you google some sample nursing resume to see if your resume resembles and make changes if necessary. I certainly advice to hand deliver your resume because you reduce your chances of being 1 in hundreds who are applying via the web.
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    I sent you an email through the site