Graduate Nurse Job at CHOP?

  1. I am applying to CHOP as a GN. I passed my NCLEX in JUne and have my NJ license and pending PA license. This seems like my last hope for a job. I am an internal worker at Kennedy, where I was a nurse extern, and they aren't even hiring me. I want this job so bad, but know how hard it is to get a job at CHOP. Does anyone have any advice on how to land a job at CHOP. Or know what they are looking for in a New graduate? I really hope this economy turns around soon for all of our sake. we need to keep searching and stay positive. Thanks and any feed back will be amazing, even to just tell me about your successes!
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  3. by   k.morris
    To make things a little more clear. I did apply to CHOP called twice to check on things and they said I should get a call within a week and if not to give a call back. As anyone had a similiar experience? I am just looking for some hope to get into this hospital. Thank you
  4. by   jlb_rn
    calling to check on things is a definite from my experience - also, you have to apply online from what i had been told (granted, this was 2007/2008) they only considered applications submitted from their website. i was also advised as a new graduate to choose and pursue only 1 area, not to cross-apply for several units.

    hope that's helpful.
  5. by   MeggaRN
    Any new tips on becoming a GN @ CHOP?!?