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I love being a nurse. There are a couple things I don't like however. Probably one of the jobs I most dislike is giving IM injections. I get nervous, and sweat, and second and third-guess my... Read More

  1. by   CloudySue
    Oh, good, I'm not the only one who hates giving IMs. I hate when I'm on a floor when it's procrit day for this one lady. I'm ok beforehand but I get woozy afterwards, and the weird thing is, I've never been squeamish about anything! Once I gave an IM to a very frail, skinny gentleman, and I hit the bone. Ugh, I thought I was going to pass out!

    Just a note to nurses who give shots to babies and small children... when my daughters would go in for their shots, I would put them to the breast to nurse while they'd get their shots. They'd yelp for a second, then go right back to nursing for comfort. They nursed until they were 2 1/2, so I got to use this trick with them for a while. Might be worth the suggestion to moms, it makes everyone feel better all around!
  2. by   HollyHobby
    I still hate giving IM's, but fortunately I rarely have to do it. During flu season I can often be seen giving flu shots to my co-workers, and it hurts me way more than it hurts them. I've also given IM Zofran to my pregnant friends. I hate it hate it hate it. And that one whole day in nursing school where all I did was give a hundred babies their vaccinations? I've blocked that out of my mind.

    My very first IM was on a cachexic guy with metastatic cancer, and I did hit the bone. The next day, he remembered the pain of the shot well enough to describe how horrible it was, but fortunately he didn't remember that I was the one who did it.

    SQ, no problem. Mostly. I still cringe every time, even though I give probably 4 or 5 each shift, but my patients claim they don't even feel it.

    I even cringe when I check blood sugars. I just hate to hurt people.

    I love starting IVs though.