Freaking out a bit......

  1. I graduated from nursing school in May and will be starting my first RN job on a med/surg floor at my local hospital in about 5 wks. I'm starting to get REALLY nervous and I feel like I'm forgetting stuff because I'm not using it! I did well in school, kept at least a B, sometimes an A and got all good reports in clinicals and precepting. Even though I felt like I did pretty well in school, it all went by sooooo fast and you definitely don't learn everything in school. I feel like I should be studying or something between now and my start date. Am a crazy?
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  3. by   casnee
    No, you're not crazy! Your feelings are completely normal. I'm in the same boat as you are, I graduated in May and now I'm searching for my first job. I know once I do land one, I will be freaking out. I've always been told that the REAL learning begins when you start working, and that it's not expected for you to know EVERYTHING. So having that in mind, just put your best foot forward, and charge!! lol, and congrats on landing your job too
  4. by   dudette10
    Ha! I feel the same way. I start in about three weeks, and I have a "study plan" mapped out for the week before and during orientation because orient. week is system-wide classroom stuff.

    I don't think you're crazy because I'm 99% sure I'm not! There's always that 1% chance, though.
  5. by   tracyd77
    Thanks... well orientation starts TOMORROW! Three other new grads were hired on my floor, all girls I went through nursing school together and altogether about 20 of us got jobs at this hospital, so that'll be a great support system for when I FREAK OUT! I am super excited though and cannot wait to get started in my career! We do 2 days of general hospital orientation this week and then I start full time the following week, starting with 2 days of nursing orientation and then ancillary rounds. I can't wait to know the rest of my schedule, I still don't know if I'll be days or nights yet. I guess they hired so many into their new grad program, they hadn't worked that part out yet.
    Have either of you guys started yet? I know my post was 5 wks ago....