First few days on the job - feeling lost

  1. I'm hoping this feeling of incompetency ( doing med passes slow) starts to wash off? I read everyone goes through this sense of dread and fear but I am curious, has anyone felt their nursing knowledge just run out of their head? Like my preceptor asked me about ileostomy care and I had no clue what to say at all. Most of my answers were uhhh... idk. She was understanding as this is my second day, but I dont want that to be my catchphrase.

    I can give meds, simple insulin finger sticks and oral passes but I am assigned to 15-19 pt on my unit + admissions and discharge. I'm scared for my liscense and am wondering if there's something I could read to refresh my knowledge? Protocol and textbook feels like two worlds.

    I don't feel overwhelmed as I could be, I have a clear head when giving meds, but I'm just really... confused? What to chart, what to document? What is the most important for hand-off shift reports... when to call MD when it's not a RRT?

    I am learning a lot? My preceptor says I'm catching things quickly, but I just dont feel confident in the sense of being a well-rounded nurse about meds and care and whats protocol and what's nursing judgement.
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  3. by   studentnursej
    15-19 patients sounds like a lot, wow
  4. by   2018nurseandbeyond
    the pt i work with are not critical, 1 or 2 may have some issues, but for the most part youre just practicing a lot of med admin.