first day as a nurse!

  1. Tomorrow (monday) will be my first official day employed as a nurse. I passed my NCLEX last week and called the BON the next day and had a license. My manager was having my position status change take effect today. Tomorrow is the first day of my basic arrythmia class, which lasts 3 days plus a 4th for the test. I'll be working on the same floor as I've been on as a CNA so I'm a little more comfortable with that. But it is a cardiac step-down floor/telemetry so I know I'm in for a challenge. Any suggestions???
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Good luck, Lana! Keep us posted on how it goes.
  4. by   daisy1972
    hi lana. i'm happy for you. it is maybe complicated at first but you'll get used to it soon.

    i hope and pray for the success of your first day exposure.

  5. by   DTC
    Hi Lana,,,,,,Good Luck on your first day,,,hope you post soon so I can see how it went. I graduated as an LPN March 06. Immediately after graduation,,I went to the UK for a month then retyurened home to handle my Dad's affairs(he died the first week of nursing school). I had the financial luxery of not having to work for while, so I did lots of tehings I had never been able to do in my 25 year working carrer. In the Fall of 06 I took a job at a LTC facility,,went thru orientation and lasted one night on the floor. I dont know if it was just my insecurities and being overwhelmed and afraid, but I have not looked for another job since. Ohyeah,,I was morbidly obese and had a lap-band procedure in Jan 07 and am finally feeling fit enough to start looking for work. I now I'll run into problems,,emplyers wanting to know why I've not worked since graudation(I'm NOT going to tell them about teh one day LTC facility thing). SO,,,my advice is to stick with it,,,give it a chance. Again,,good luck!
  6. by   LanaBanana
    Well, I passed my basic arrythmia class and the hospital medication administration test, so I am now in the PYXIS. My first day on the floor I went home feeling such a burden from the increased responsibility that I stopped at the gas station for cigarettes and smoked 4 before my boyfriend came over and took them away! (BTW...I hadn't smoked for 8 years before that - ugh!) I decided that was NOT the best way to handle it and have been doing better. The following days have been much better. I am amazed at the list of "firsts" I have done - telephone orders, updating the doc on the phone, giving report for pt transfering to nursing home, taking report for pt coming from the unit, accessing drugs in PYXIS, IV pushes (we weren't allowed to do any during nursing school), handling pt families in an official capacity, I'm sure the list goes on. It really blows my mind! Anybody else feel this way? I still have to pause when someone asks me "are you the nurse for "xyz?" Yes! Yes, I am!
  7. by   daisy1972
    it must be very stressful for you.maybe i will feel the same. well, i was able to experience that before when i was still a neo-nurse. i wonder if you have mentors to guide you?:smiletea:
  8. by   LanaBanana
    Yes, I have wonderful nurses on my floor that are soooo supportive! I am also orienting with a nurse with 29 years of experience. We have a mandatory 3 month orientation, so I'm trying not to feel the stress.