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So happy I finally found a job. I was getting really worried. Went today for my interview and then she called me back on my way home and said " You have a job here. We'll get you in for your... Read More

  1. by   turtles432
    Congrats to all that have found jobs!. Quick question. I'm going to be starting an accelerated BSN program this coming Fall and am getting worried since I'm hearing abt how hard it is for new grads to find jobs!

    Did you guys have externships during your time in nursing school?
    And are they a huge factor in finding jobs post grad?
  2. by   prudence09
    I didn't have an externship. I don't think that it is a huge factor but I guess it could have helped but most of my classmates that did have externships did have to sign a contract to stay at that facility for 2 years because the facility would pay for school. From what they are all saying is that they wished they hadn't done it because they are stuck at facilities that they don't like because they can't move up even if they do work there for 2 yrs or they are promised a full time job and then a week later are told that they will only have a part-time position. This has happened to quite a few of my classmates. But I know you would get some good experience.
  3. by   pinkiepie_RN
    I worked in a paid "student tech" capacity at one hospital at another and although the experience I gained helped me get my job, I wasn't offered jobs at either place because neither of them paid my way through school. I think in this economy, it's good to have experience but make sure you might want to work for a facility in the long run too.
  4. by   ibme