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It has been a bumpy ride but finally I graduated with my ASD. I recently took the NCLEX-RN and passed it. :balloons: I was a nervous wreck when I received my ATT. I waited 3 weeks and said to... Read More

  1. by   BabyRN2Be


    as one who hopes to be in your shoes one day, i hope that all goes well for you in your new career. good job! treat yourself to something cool and enjoy yourself. you've worked so hard for this, and you deserve it!
  2. by   Ari RN
    Quote from leraern
    Congratulations Ari Rn. I'm Happy For You. I Am Having Just That Problem Right Now. I Graduated May 1st. And I Still Have Not Taken The Test. I Originally Scheduled The Test For May 22, But I Got Cold Feet And Pushed It Back. Now, Everyone Is Telling Me I Should Just Go Ahead And Take It. I Don't Know What To Do Now. I Feel Like I'm Just Procrastinating. Can U Give Me Some Advice. Again, Congrats!!!!!
    Listen, I did the same. I rescheduled my exam not 1 time, not 2 times but 3. I was also having cold feet. I just felt that I wasn't as prepared as I thought. It's a killer feeling!!!! I totally know how you are feeling. I see your from Miami. I love that city!!!!!!!!!!

    Don't hesitate yourself. Everyone feels that way. Just get it over with. Before arriving at the test site, I felt like this............:imbar I felt like barfing. But with God on my side everything went well. Once you take the exam and pass it, which you will let me know. I will be praying for you.

    Take Care and best of luck!!!!!!!